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Michelle’s Magical Mini Weekend Blog Tour — Final Stop! (Vlog #7)

michelles magical mini weekend blog tour

The final stop of MMMWBT is slightly confusing, but I ask that you bear with me. Matthew Cook wanted to conduct a video interview with me, but I don’t have a webcam, so instead I got my brother Jesse to pretend to be Matt and conduct the interview with me in person using Matt’s interview questions.

So, Jesse (brother) = Matt (friend/interviewer), and interview = GO FOR LAUNCH!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in my hilariously short blog tour. Huzzah!

Unrelated link of the day:

This site links you to totally useless websites around the web, some of which have loud sounds (so turn down your volume!)

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Magnet Giveaway Results + FANART!!! + Vlog #6!

Today was possibly the most awesome day ever. I will explain why in a convenient-to-follow numbered list.

  1. First, several friends and I went to a local micro-brewery, took a tour complete with samples, and then went for sushi.
  2. Then I got home and discovered that fellow WordPress blogger Misha Burnett had mentioned my book in his latest blog post in a very flattering manner.
  3. Then I discovered that fellow WordPress blogger J.R. Wolfe had finished reading my book and posted a glowing review on
  4. And to top it all off, Celeste DeWolfe sent me my first ever piece of fan art. And it’s gorgeous!!!
Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

When I first started writing, I always thought the coolest part about being an author must be getting fan art — seeing how other people envision your characters, and watching them brought to life. And now Celeste has fulfilled that lifelong dream of mine, and I’m beyond ecstatic. Woooo!!!

I’m getting too excited. Let’s all take a deep, calming breath and move on to …

The Magnet Giveaway!!!

I decided to record the name-drawing event for posterity because, heck, why not, so here is Vlog #6 — Magnet Giveaway + The Book is Here! ((to just see who the winners are, skip down to below the video))


As you discovered in that super exciting video, the winners of the magnet giveaway are:

  1. Jo of all trades
  2. Lizbethwrightbooks
  3. Misha Burnett
  4. Paula Acton
  5. Mari Wells
  6. Celeste DeWolfe

Congratulations, my magnetic friends! (Get it? Magnetic? Hehehe …) I will attempt to contact you tomorrow to acquire your postal addresses for mailing purposes, but if you feel like dropping me a line at and letting me know your addresses, that saves me a step!

So, most awesome day ever? Possibly. It’s definitely in the running. Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway, and thanks especially to the personages mentioned above for supporting/enjoying Imminent Danger!!!

Unrelated image of the day:

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New Book Trailer! (because I’m bored)

So instead of catching up with the work hours I still need to finish for December, I instead decided to spend the morning making a new book trailer for Imminent Danger!

I really need to get my priorities straightened out.

Anyway, here’s the new trailer! It’s considerably more chill than the last one, and while it sadly doesn’t feature a soundtrack reminiscent of an adult video, I feel it is still worth a watch.

Maybe if this whole author thing doesn’t work out I can pursue a career as a maker of extremely low-budget book trailers …

Unrelated image of the day:

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Imminent Danger — Official Book Trailer #1

I was getting caught up on reading blogs today, and about halfway through reading a random post I had a ridiculous idea for a book trailer. At first I thought, “No, that’s just silly. You can’t make a book trailer like that.” And then I thought, “But there are so many bad book trailers out there — how can this idea possibly be worse?” And then I thought, “Screw it, I’m making it.”

Thus without further ado, I present to you the first (more to come) official book trailer for Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It:

(here’s a link in case that didn’t work)

Hahahaha. Oh man. I crack up every time I watch that. What a ridiculous trailer, especially with the super cheesy music.

*wipes tears from eyes*

Anyway, let me know what you think! And if you want to steal my awesome trailer idea and make one of your own, make sure you credit meeeeeee! (Or not. Whatever floats your virtual boat.)

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My Author Mission Statement

I got this idea from Joanne Phillips’ Blog (check her out!).

Basically, she says that if businesses have mission statements that explain why they do what they do, why shouldn’t an author have one as well?

Thus, without further ado, my mission statement:

I write because I love books, and I can’t imagine anything more amazing than writing a book that people love.

It’s not quite as long and detailed as Joanne’s mission statement, but there it is. I had planned on rambling for several paragraphs, but then I realized that that one sentence really does encapsulate my thoughts on writing.

What’s your author mission statement? Or, if you aren’t an author, what’s your life’s mission statement?

Random Image of the Day:

Classic Youtube Hit of the Day:

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I made a vlog!

You probably gathered this from the title of this post, but I made a vlog! I set up my webcam, chose a nice background in my apartment, and just went nuts. Thus, without any further ado:

How’s my vlogging technique? Any tips? I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the video, so hopefully it isn’t too mind-bogglingly terrible.

Now, what silly picture from around the interwebs shall I share with you today? How about … this!

Photo courtesy of Nakai SZH. Source:

Copyright law states that images can be used on your blog if you are using them to parody or review. Thus, a review of the picture above:

I find it very amusing. Mistranslations are an excellent source of comedy.


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