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New Imminent Danger Fan Art!!!

In today’s offering from the beautiful and talented Celeste DeWolfe, we have some fan art from Imminent Danger featuring Eris, Miguri, and Alyra.

The scene (SPOILER ALERT) is after Eris and Miguri escape Chakra Corp with Alyra’s help, and Eris attempts to recite the “To be or not to be” speech from Hamlet, with amusing results.

fan art celeste dewolfe eris reciting hamlet

I think my favorite part of this drawing is Alyra, because it just boggles my mind how the artist manages to put so much expression on the face of an alien with no mouth and giant, wacky eyes. Thank you, Celeste, for the gorgeous new fan art!

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More Imminent Danger Fan Art!

People are feeling super artsy/crafty this week, so we actually have a second fan art post! Here’s the first one if you missed it.

From my dear friend Denise Gow-Morse, we have delightful little cartoons of Eris and Varrin. These were taped to the sides of the carton of candy she gave me for my birthday. The drawings are adorable, and the candy was delicious. Thank you, Denise!

Happy Eris and super sassy Varrin. Artist: Denise Gow-Morse

Happy Eris and super sassy Varrin. Artist: Denise Gow-Morse

Next up, we have an offering from my very own mother, Linda Schneidereit! I sent her some Eris and Varrin chibi magnets for Christmas, and today she sent me this photo, along with the caption, “Eris and Varrin on Venesky”. For those of you who haven’t finished reading Chasing Nonconformity yet, Venesky is a jungle planet that our heroes visit on their journey.

eris and varrin venesky


So thank you Denise and Mom for the adorable fan art. And to everyone else, stay awesome, and have a fantastic weekend!

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New Imminent Danger Fan Art!

The beautiful and talented Celeste DeWolfe has done it again!

So this fan art depicts the scene from Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It where (SPOILER ALERT) Eris and Miguri escape Chakra Corp with the questionable assistance of Alyra, everyone’s favorite bumbling Psilosian. Enjoy!

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

I think my favorite part of the drawing is actually the feeling it gives me — specifically the feeling of, “Damn, Eris is awesome!” I’m wrapped up in writing book #3 right now, and it’s really fun to think back to her first adventure and remember all the harrowing experiences she went through, and how those changed her and made her into the kick-ass heroine I’m writing about today.

So thank you again, Celeste, for the wonderful fan art! If you want to check out the rest of the Imminent Danger fan art, head over to the Fan Art page.

Have an excellent week, my friends, and stay awesome!

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New Imminent Danger Fan Art! (from Celeste DeWolfe)

That’s right! The perfectly wonderful Celeste DeWolfe has just finished beta reading Chasing Nonconformity (she loved it!) and she was inspired to draw two new pieces of fan art for Imminent Danger. Check them out below.

Also, I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten back a handful of beta reading comments thus far for the sequel, and it’s good news all around! There were a couple of logistical errors that people pointed out, which will need to be addressed, and of course a handful of typos, but other than that it’s looking good!

And now, the fan art …

eris and varrin

Eris’s mental breakdown at the Chakra Corp labs. Artist: Celeste DeWolfe


Gender-bent Eris and Varrin (Eric and Varra? lol). Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

My personal favorite is the second one — gender-bent Eris and Varrin is just so fun! You know you’ve made it as an author when someone makes gender-bent fan art, lol. Also, I can’t get over how dorky male-Eris looks. But, like, in an adorable way.

Anyway, everyone have a fantastic weekend, and stay awesome!

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New Imminent Danger Fan Art!

On this most glorious of Tuesday mornings, I am thrilled to share with you a new piece of fan art!

This was done by my friend Denise Gow-Morse. Fun story — we met in South Korea, where we both taught English at the same private school (or “hagwon”). Then I moved back to Ontario, she moved back to Halifax … and then I moved to Halifax, in a house approximately 5 minutes from hers. This was all purely coincidental.

Enough rambling. Enjoy!

Artist: Denise Gow-Morse

Artist: Denise Gow-Morse

Note: Not to alarm anyone, but I totally just successfully published the shiny new version of Imminent Danger on Createspace and Amazon. Why am I not making a bigger deal about this? Because I had to do some fiddling (mainly to get the old book version to stop linking to the new Kindle version), so I don’t want to start going nuts with the OMG IT’S PUBLISHED EEEEEK! stuff until it’s all set up properly. But until that day comes (in approximately 3-5 business days), if you do want to check out the shiny new and published Imminent Danger, click here.

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New Imminent Danger fan art from Celeste DeWolfe!

I’m psyched to announce that the lovely and talented Celeste DeWolfe has created a new piece of fan art for Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It. Huzzah! This piece is called “Complicated Relationship”, and it nicely captures the … well, the complicated relationship between the novel’s two main characters.

Note: The blue glowy things around Eris’s hands in the second panel are alien handcuffs. This will make more sense if you’ve read the book!




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New (adorable!) fanart from Celeste DeWolfe

In her latest attempt to illustrate my entire book because she’s awesome, Celeste DeWolfe has captured one of my favorite moments from Imminent Danger — the moment where the mysterious black raider who saves Eris and Miguri from the villainous, reptilian Ssrisk removes his helmet to reveal that he is a devilishly handsome young man. View and enjoy!

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe


Unrelated media of the day:

This song is dedicated (I can do that, right?) to the lovely and talented Miss Celeste DeWolfe:


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New Action-Packed Fan Art from Celeste DeWolfe

Happy Sunday, everyone! Whilst you’re lounging about in the glorious sunshine, entertain yourselves by viewing this latest and greatest Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It, by the lovely and talented Celeste DeWolfe! Three cheers for Celeste DeWolfe! Hip hip hurray!

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

For those who haven’t read the book, what’s basically going on here is that Eris (girl in purple) and Miguri (white-haired little dude) are being held prisoner by the Ssrisk (big blue lizard guy). Varrin (acrobatic gentleman in black) has arrived to rescue them, and by using his genetically-enhanced awesomeness, manages to snatch them from the clutches of these villainous lizard-folk.


Unrelated link of the day:

Art paired with food = excellence.

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And now … to cheat blatantly at Camp NaNoWriMo …

Well, maybe not cheat, per say. More like deviate slightly from the rules, while still sticking with the spirit of the event. Sort of …

As I explained in some post in the past, Camp NaNo is all about sitting down every day for a month and writing. Now, you’re supposed to start a new story from scratch. But to that I say PAH! As if I have time for such shenanigans. What I really need to do is finish the sequel to Imminent Danger, and I’m about 20k words out from doing exactly that. And since they changed the rules this year so you can set your own word count limit … talk about a golden opportunity for a little free motivation!

So, basically, I will be attempting Camp NaNo this year, and I urge you all to join me. You set the word count, so there’s no need to freak out about having to write 1,667 words a day, where failing damns you to the eternal purgatory of crushed literary dreams. And since I’m cheating blatantly, y’all should feel free to do the same!

Got a story squirrelled away somewhere that you never quite finished writing? First of all, stop squirrelling things away. It’s undignified. Second of all, grab that story, dust off the bark and acorn crumbs, and join me for a month of glorious writing awesomeness!

This concludes my confession / call to arms. Here’s a link to my camper profile. Feel free to add me, or friend me, or however the heck the internet works. To Camp Nano-finity, and beyond!!!


Related media of the day:

More fan art!!! Today’s offering comes from the lovely Kate Sparks. Check out her rendition of Miguri, the loveable, contraction-phobic alien:


Related update of the day:

No news from iUniverse yet on the ebook pricing debacle. The general consensus seems to be that people in the USA see the correct price, and everyone else … well, doesn’t. If you live outside the USA and for some reason you can’t possibly live another second without reading the brilliant literary masterpiece that is my book, Google Play has the ebook for super cheap. Oh, and the free Goodreads Giveaway is ending in the near future. So check that out. Or not. Whatever pressurizes your escape capsule.

Unrelated media of the day:

An internet classic for you:

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More Awesome Fan Art

I don’t have much time to chat today, due to my continued inability to keep up with my work hours. Therefore, I shall share the two new gorgeous pieces of fan art that the incomparable Celeste DeWolfe created for me whilst I was off crusin’, and then I shall share the song I’m currently listening to on repeat, because why not, and then I shall bid you all adieu. So …

Fan Art #1: Eris Steps Out of the Shower


Fan Art #2:  Eris is Abducted


The Current Song I’m Listening to on Repeat:


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