Chasing Nonconformity (Imminent Danger #2)

July 2016 News: Chasing Nonconformity is voted one of the
50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading of 2016!


Eris and Varrin are back in this thrilling sequel to
Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It! 



Cover art by Ravven



Still reeling from accidentally marrying an exiled alien prince named Varrin, and from almost getting her head blown off by a six-armed lizard man with anger management issues, seventeen-year-old Eris Miller is ready for a vacation. But Varrin is desperate to rescue his beloved spaceship, the Nonconformity, from the clutches of the galactic government, so her vacation will just have to wait.

While Eris and Varrin chase after the stolen ship, they’re unaware that trouble is brewing on the other side of the galaxy. The villainous Emperor of Rakor has assembled a task force, led by the commander of the deadly Skin Slicers, to hunt Varrin down. With enemies closing in and the Nonconformity slipping further and further from their grasp, Eris must ask herself: how much is she willing to sacrifice to ensure her happily ever after?


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Want a signed copy?

Send me an email ( and let me know! Signed copies are $15 CAD + shipping (or 2 for $25). And you’ll also get two “chibi” magnets of the main characters, Eris and Varrin!


What people are saying about Chasing Nonconformity:

“The — already pretty great — writing is even smoother now; the characters are every bit as much fun; irreverent humor (my favorite kind) abounds, and the plot thickens.”

“The same snarky dialogue which made the first book in the series so enjoyable is back in full force. Ms. Proulx effortless introduces readers to new characters to root for, while continuing to develop those from the first. Dialogue is witty, settings are easy to imagine, and once again I found myself saddened to reach the final pages.”

“Chasing Nonconformity was EXACTLY the sequel that I wanted for Imminent Danger. It was clear that Michelle found her groove from the first book and stayed in it to write the second — full of familiar wacky space references, snappy sarcasm, weird aliens, and drama as the first.”


9 thoughts on “Chasing Nonconformity (Imminent Danger #2)

  1. why is this sequel yet not on good reads please upload it so i can add it to my to-read shelf

  2. brenda

    I absolutely LOVED Imminent Danger!! & i cannot wait until summer!! ❤ keep up with the amazing work and your beautiful imagination Michelle!

    • That’s awesome!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 You’re so sweet for stopping by and letting me know! The sequel is coming along well — stay tuned for the publication date 🙂

  3. Tiffiney Fort

    I just purchased your first book today at a cute shop in Lunenburg. I have already finished it and I LOVED it. Couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to get the second one. I heard you might work in Lunenburg or close by, it possible to arrange to get a signed copy that I could pick up from the store in person?

    • Hi — sorry it took so long to respond! Yes, I do work in Lunenburg — drop me an email at and we can work out a way to get you a signed copy 🙂

      • Tiffiney Fort

        I actually already left. I was only there for vacation. However I will be back next year. Maybe then I can work with you to get a signed copy of #3! Thanks. 🙂

        • Noooo! That’s what I get for not checking my messages sooner. Yes, definitely hit me up next year and I will do my best to have book 3 done by then 🙂

  4. Tiffiney Fort

    Hi Michelle, actually back in town for vacation and wondering if I can get your autograph in my copies of the first two books? Also wondering when #3 is coming! Let me know if you are in town 🙂

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