Vlog #1 — iUniverse and Imminent Danger

Vlog #2 — Cutting down the manuscript

Vlog #3 — Inside the editing session

Vlog #4 — iUniverse copy-edit and onwards!

Vlog #5 — iUniverse cover design

Vlog #6 — Magnet giveaway + the book is here!

Vlog #7 — Matthew Cook interview us (in spirit)

Vlog #8 — 100 copies of my book? Oh my!

Vlog #9 — Pronunciation

Vlog #10 — Festivals & The Wheel

Vlog #11 — Argyle Arts Festival + Writing Update!


4 thoughts on “VLOGS

  1. Michelle, may I ask where you got them printed?

    • You’ll have to specify which printed item you’re referring to. The books? The magnets? The magnets are from vistaprint.ca. As for the books … I’m not actually sure. The book’s published through iUniverse, so they would be printed wherever iUniverse prints from.

  2. supernova

    Glad to have found your blog Michelle, your an interesting and fun person. I wish you every success. Love how you write and what you have to say, I,m looking forward to reading more.
    Best wishes, James 🙂

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