New Imminent Danger Fan Art!

The beautiful and talented Celeste DeWolfe has done it again!

So this fan art depicts the scene from Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It where (SPOILER ALERT) Eris and Miguri escape Chakra Corp with the questionable assistance of Alyra, everyone’s favorite bumbling Psilosian. Enjoy!

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

I think my favorite part of the drawing is actually the feeling it gives me — specifically the feeling of, “Damn, Eris is awesome!” I’m wrapped up in writing book #3 right now, and it’s really fun to think back to her first adventure and remember all the harrowing experiences she went through, and how those changed her and made her into the kick-ass heroine I’m writing about today.

So thank you again, Celeste, for the wonderful fan art! If you want to check out the rest of the Imminent Danger fan art, head over to the Fan Art page.

Have an excellent week, my friends, and stay awesome!

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9 thoughts on “New Imminent Danger Fan Art!

  1. You really get a sense of fear from them as they escape.

    • Yes! Miguri looks absolutely wrecked, and Eris is clearly fighting to hold everything together. I do love Alyra in the background though — she actually has a question mark beside her head to showcase her total and complete cluelessness.

  2. That was quite the scene, all right. Shame about Alyra (not saying anything more!)

  3. Nathanielle Sean Crawford

    Not quite what I imagined a Claktill (did I spell that right?) to look, but great artwork nonetheless. 🙂

    • You did spell it right! And that’s what I love about fan art — you get to see each artist’s interpretation, and they’re never quite the same.

  4. Glad you liked it!! ^^ I love illustrating the book, and every time I get to a new alien, it’s always a challenge. (Although to be fair, I think I draw Miguri differently every time, so!)

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