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New Imminent Danger Fan Art! (from Celeste DeWolfe)

That’s right! The perfectly wonderful Celeste DeWolfe has just finished beta reading Chasing Nonconformity (she loved it!) and she was inspired to draw two new pieces of fan art for Imminent Danger. Check them out below.

Also, I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten back a handful of beta reading comments thus far for the sequel, and it’s good news all around! There were a couple of logistical errors that people pointed out, which will need to be addressed, and of course a handful of typos, but other than that it’s looking good!

And now, the fan art …

eris and varrin

Eris’s mental breakdown at the Chakra Corp labs. Artist: Celeste DeWolfe


Gender-bent Eris and Varrin (Eric and Varra? lol). Artist: Celeste DeWolfe

My personal favorite is the second one — gender-bent Eris and Varrin is just so fun! You know you’ve made it as an author when someone makes gender-bent fan art, lol. Also, I can’t get over how dorky male-Eris looks. But, like, in an adorable way.

Anyway, everyone have a fantastic weekend, and stay awesome!

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