New Imminent Danger Fan Art!!!

In today’s offering from the beautiful and talented Celeste DeWolfe, we have some fan art from Imminent Danger featuring Eris, Miguri, and Alyra.

The scene (SPOILER ALERT) is after Eris and Miguri escape Chakra Corp with Alyra’s help, and Eris attempts to recite the “To be or not to be” speech from Hamlet, with amusing results.

fan art celeste dewolfe eris reciting hamlet

I think my favorite part of this drawing is Alyra, because it just boggles my mind how the artist manages to put so much expression on the face of an alien with no mouth and giant, wacky eyes. Thank you, Celeste, for the gorgeous new fan art!

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4 thoughts on “New Imminent Danger Fan Art!!!

  1. Love the drawing, absolutely adorable. What is even more interesting is that the picture fits the style, the atmosphere of my recent sci-fi short story. Not the scene in this particular image but the overall artistic approach with a whiff of humor. I’m going to put the story up on wattpad and I wonder if Celeste would be wiling to make a cover art for my story. Does she have an art blog? I followed her link to her personal site, but the last entry there dated from 2015.
    I also became intrigued by your book because of this one image. I hope your novel has as much humor in it as the image implies. I’m going to head to amazon right now to check it out.

    • The world needs more fun sci-fi! And yes, my book definitely has lots of humor 🙂 If you do end up reading it, let me know what you thought!

      I’m not sure if Celeste is currently doing commissions, but you can find her on Facebook ( and definitely ask her if she’s interested. I don’t think she has an art blog — the blog I linked was the one she used to post on before she went on hiatus so she could go teach English in South Korea. But I chat with her regularly on Facebook, so I’d say that’s probably the easiest way to reach her.

      • That’s a pity. I don’t do facebook. Perhaps we could communicate through email? Could you let her know I’m interested? Thanks.

        • Yeah, of course — I’ll shoot her off an email and tell her to contact you. You could also try leaving a comment on her blog and see if she responds 🙂

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