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Imminent Danger GIVEAWAY starts today!

Note: Giveaway is open only to Canada, US, and UK.

Having at last figured out how the internet works, I am pleased to announce that I have signed Imminent Danger up for a Goodreads Giveaway. Huzzah!

Click here to enter the giveaway.

I’ve started off small — just 2 books to be won — but if I get enough entrants, I’ll upgrade them from softcover to hardcover. Woo! And in case you don’t know about Goodreads Giveaways, they’re awesome. They’re totally free to enter, requiring no commitment other than providing your mailing address. The address is only sent to the author (me) if you win the contest, and we have to click a little “I agree” button to promise that we won’t use your mailing address for cruel or nefarious purposes.

What else is relevant? Um … oh yes, the giveaway is open for an entire month — so, until April 11th. I’m sure I’ll bring it up at least once or twice before then, so don’t panic. And, as always, I will love you forever and a day (but not a minute more) if you’d be so kind as to spread word of the giveaway to your assorted social media associates.


Unrelated media of the day:

This one’s for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.

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Michelle’s Magical Mini Weekend Blog Tour — Stop #2!

michelles magical mini weekend blog tour

Having finally awoken after a very late night of the Game of Thrones board game and a tad too many cookies for my poor stomach to handle, I am now pleased to announce that Day 2 of my magical mini weekend blog tour is officially under way! My wonderful and artistic friend Celeste DeWolfe has conducted and posted an author interview with me (featuring different questions from yesterday’s interview, so stop panicking!).

Click here to soak in the majesty of the interview! (or just read it – your choice)

Theatrics aside, thank you again to both lovely ladies who participated in my impromptu and slightly disorganized blog tour. Virtual cupcakes all around!

Unrelated link of the day:

Theories about popular shows, movies, and games

Unrelated image of the day:


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Michelle’s Magical Mini Weekend Blog Tour — Stop #1!

michelles magical mini weekend blog tour

What up, my home-skillets! Sorry, I get rather gangster on the weekends. Anyway, just popping in to remind you that today is Day #1 of MMMWBT! (Terrible name!)

Today’s stop belongs to the incomparable J.R. Wolfe. She has very kindly posted a review of Imminent Danger, as well as hosted an author interview with me in which I divulge the sordid details of how I played Donkey Kong Country in Astronomy class instead of listening to my professor. Gasp!

Check it out the review/interview here!!!

Thanks again to J.R. Wolfe for participating in/inspiring/forcefully starting this mini blog tour!

Unrelated media of the day:

For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, here is a musical recap of Daenerys Targaryen’s adventures in Season 2:

Secondly, for all you Next Gen/X-Men fans, Patrick Stewart displays his finest acting skills:

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2012 RAWR!

RAWR! because 2012 was the Year of the Dragon. Obviously.

I have officially returned from my Christmas vacation. Went home to visit the paternal unit, ate some turkey, watched Modern Family, went shopping on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day (guess which one was busier?), got a Nintendo 3DS so I can play that new Kingdom Hearts game … and now I’ve returned to my apartment, my mother, and to the many hours of cleaning I will need to do in order to prepare for our New Years party tonight.


Anyway, I’m in a reflectory (totally a word) mood since it’s the end of the year, so I thought I’d share my top picks for 2012. And then I have to work, because I’m still behind 14.75 hours for the month of December, and it ends … well, today.

Top Movie of 2012

Dude, it’s the Avengers. How could it not win?

Source: IMDB

Top Book of 2012

Sequel to The Name of the Wind. Brilliant fantasy novel about a hero in exile recounting his adventures.

Top English Song of 2012:

I’m going to get a lot of flak for this one, but my mood lifts 300% whenever this song comes on. Plus I love it. Plus she’s Canadian! GO CANADA!

Top Korean Song of 2012:

Such a fun song. And infinitely better than Gangnam Style, IMHO.

Top TV Show of 2012:

I don’t care whether or not you like fantasy. You need to see this show, if only to understand why everyone loves it so much.

Top Commenters of 2012:

Taken from my WordPress Annual Report, here are the top five commenters on my blog:

  1. Maddie Cochere
  2. Antoinettesmut
  3. Mari Wells
  4. Celeste DeWolfe
  5. Keri Peardon

You ladies rock!!!

And now I have officially run out of Top topics. Agree with my choices? Disagree vehemently? Let me know in the comments!

Also …


Related Link of the Day:

27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts in 2012

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The Versatile Blogger Award + 100 followers!

Candace Knoebel was kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks so much! I like winning things. And I like blogging! So this is, quite literally, a win-win.

But before I get into the nitty and gritty of the award, I just wanted to shout out a THANK YOU to all my followers – I hit 100 today! Woo! That’s 100 people more than I knew three months ago when I first started blogging. You guys are awesome, and I’ve loved my time here on WordPress thus far, so thanks again for reading, following, and supporting 🙂

On to the Versatile Blogger award!

Step One: Share 7 things about yourself

Okee dokee. Here goes!

1) My head is super sensitive. By that I mean that if I put my hair up in a ponytail (even a low one), it starts to give me a headache within minutes. The only solutions I’ve found thus far are leaving it down, clipping it high up, or doing a french braid.

2) I keep a book of Sudoku puzzles in the bathroom. I bought it in South Korea, and I have stopped doing the puzzles because I don’t want to have to throw out the book. Sentimental value and whatnot.

3) I have recently developed a crush on Alex Pettyfer. My celebrity crushes usually last about three days or so–but man, it’s going to be a brutal three days.

4) My jedi teddy bear guardian has now been joined in his security detail by Tibbers, the five-foot tall bear I bought at Costco.

5) I really enjoy K-Pop, and I wish that English musicians would cover K-Pop artists’ songs, because A) K-Pop songs are awesome, and B) I want to be able to understand the lyrics!

6) Today I found my door unlocked, and became convinced that someone had broken into my apartment while I was in the bathroom. I proceeded to grab two knives from the knife block and stalk around the apartment yelling, “I’ve got two knives, intruder! I suggest you leave before I find you, because it won’t end well for anyone involved!” I never did find the intruder, so clearly my bluff worked.

7) People talking in movie theatres drive me absolutely insane. I usually just get up and move, but sometimes I will turn to my friend and do the passive-aggressive, “Do you think these people sitting behind us will EVER stop talking? It’s so annoying!” and hope the chatterboxes hear. It’s not hard! Just keep your mouth shut! Ack.

That took a turn for the dark. Let’s lighten things back up.

Step two!

I hereby nominate … hmm …


Keri Peardon


Tania L Ramos


Now all y’all gotta do is accept the award, thank the person who gave it to you (me!), share 7 things about yourself, then pass the award along to as many people as you like (the official rules suggest 15).

Happy blogging!

Link of the day!

Erm, this one’s a bit racy, so I’ll provide a link instead of just showing you the image. It’s Game of Thrones related, btw.

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So close to submitting my manuscript!

You’ve been listening to me whine about how much I dislike editing for the past few weeks, but that’s all about to come to an end. Today I got my last proofread manuscript of Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight into It back, which means that I officially have a final manuscript to submit to iUniverse! Woooo! Final, that is, until they have their editors look it over and give me a whole list of changes to make. But let’s not think about that right now.

So the manuscript is good to go. I have some preliminary cover art from a friend of mine, and I need to get him to sign over the rights to me so I can actually use his design. My author photo shoot was last week on the University of Western Ontario campus — I’ll post a pic when I get them from my friend — so that’s taken care of. As near as I can tell, all I need is the author photo and the cover art rights contract, and I’m officially set to publish!

Man, this feels good. At the same time it’s terrifying, because I’ve read very mixed reviews of iUniverse. I’m mainly publishing with them because they can get my book into an actual brick and mortar store, but I still want the process to go as smoothly as possible. I’ve liked my interactions with them so far, so hopefully it will continue. Fingers crossed!

I guess the next step is to submit everything, then wait for the editorial review to come back. That’s supposed to take a few weeks to a month, so I’ll have time to kick back and get some actual, paying work done. Then they format the book, inside and out, turn it into an ebook, etc. etc., and then it’s PUBLICATION TIME! That won’t happen until about September, of course. But considering that I’ve been editing Imminent Danger for six years now, 3 months isn’t a heckuva long time to wait.


Update on my website troubles

Remember that list of questions I posted about how Justhost works from this post? I tagged Justhost in that post. The next day, I got a phone call from a Justhost representative. It turns out they actually monitor posts that Justhost is tagged in. Which at first I thought was kind of creepy, until the Justhost rep (Joshua) sent me a super-detailed list of answers to all the questions I posted on my blog. No strings attached, just a “We noticed you had some questions, so here are your answers trololol”. How awesome is that? Talk about customer service! Anyway, I’m really thrilled with Justhost so far, so thank you to Joshua and Justhost!

Game of Thrones Awesomeness:

Warning: There’s some PG-13 stuff in that video, so don’t watch with your little ones in the room 🙂

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥

Image cred:

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