Imminent Danger GIVEAWAY starts today!

Note: Giveaway is open only to Canada, US, and UK.

Having at last figured out how the internet works, I am pleased to announce that I have signed Imminent Danger up for a Goodreads Giveaway. Huzzah!

Click here to enter the giveaway.

I’ve started off small — just 2 books to be won — but if I get enough entrants, I’ll upgrade them from softcover to hardcover. Woo! And in case you don’t know about Goodreads Giveaways, they’re awesome. They’re totally free to enter, requiring no commitment other than providing your mailing address. The address is only sent to the author (me) if you win the contest, and we have to click a little “I agree” button to promise that we won’t use your mailing address for cruel or nefarious purposes.

What else is relevant? Um … oh yes, the giveaway is open for an entire month — so, until April 11th. I’m sure I’ll bring it up at least once or twice before then, so don’t panic. And, as always, I will love you forever and a day (but not a minute more) if you’d be so kind as to spread word of the giveaway to your assorted social media associates.


Unrelated media of the day:

This one’s for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.

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28 thoughts on “Imminent Danger GIVEAWAY starts today!

  1. Yaaaaaay giveaway! 8D And yeah, Goodreads really IS down… niiiice. xD Gonna have to go with blaming you on that one. Also, that School of Thrones was hilarious, especially since it has a lot of the same people from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (I love those guys.) I will make sure to spread the word of your giveaway, of course!

    • Excellent! Maybe wait a few hours before you spread it, lol, since Goodreads is being very troublesome at the moment. It literally went down the second I posted this. Gah.

  2. Exciting!

  3. Michelle

    Now that you will have my mailing address does that mean I’ll be getting a witty holiday card from you next year?

  4. Evidently it is STILL down… I would love to receive a giveaway book of yours, though….

  5. You really have broken Goodreads. Kudos!

  6. Aww, it’s not available in my country. /sad face.
    On another note, maybe you DID break Goodreads; it only just went back up a few minutes ago!

    • Oh no! Yeah, I just made it for US/CA/UK for the first go … but no worries, I’ll definitely be doing an international one in the future. I just wanted to test it out first and see how everything works before I start having giveaways left and right 😀

  7. I tried to give away a human foot on Goodreads, but they said “no.” I was like, “What? It’s not a head, for cryin’ out loud.”

    • And they were like, “We only accept porcine and leonine appendages. Please review our foot-intake policy and attempt your submission again.”

  8. Goodreads was up when I clicked the link, however contrary to what was advertised, it twisted my arm and physically forced me to sign up to Goodreads without giving me any opportunity to enter the comp. I’ve been procrastinating about signing up anyway so the man-handling and arm-twisting was completely unnecessary. Anyway after wading through the sign-up process, picking fave genres, skipping all the ratings, finding that I need to rate 20 books to get recommendations, searching for the “enter Comp” link now that I was signed up and logged in, not finding it anywhere, going back to the link in your post only to find the comp is not open to Aussies! LOL!

    • Oh no!!!!!!!! Aw, I’m sorry 😦 I should have specified it was only open to CA, UK, US. I decided to keep it nearby for the first contest just to test the waters and see how it worked, and then do another one in a few months that’s more worldwide. Sorry 😦 But at least you’re on Goodreads now! Semi-shiny silver lining?

      • Ha ha! Nah, it’s all good. I actually though it might be deliberate because shipping a book to Australia might cost twice as much as the book! Don’t worry.
        But now I’ll have to make the most of Goodreads, I guess. 🙂

  9. Yay, entered! So many entries already, but I can hope, right? I’ve been doing OK on Roll Up the Rim, maybe my contest luck is improving. 😀

    • Well, roll up the rim and goodreads giveaways are basically the same thing, right? 😀 Except that with roll up the rim you can win a car, whereas with the goodreads giveaway you can win MY BOOK!!! And we all know which one is more valuable.

  10. I am so excited for you. Yay 🙂

  11. Kass

    You’ve got 154 people requesting a copy. I think that’s really cool!

    • It is, isn’t it? 😀 And to think there are still 28 days to go in the giveaway. I expect the entry rate to drop off pretty quickly as the book moves down the list and new giveaways are added, but still — I’m excited 😀

  12. Goodreads has been great for giveaways. I’ve done three so far, I do them about every three-four months when sales start to drop.

    • And do they boost sales at all? Like, the people who put the book on their to-read list — do you think they actually buy the book later?

      • i’ve seen two people who have listed the book “currently reading.” Not really great for sales, haven’t found anything that really boosts sales, but it gets your name out there. I think that is what’s important as we are just starting out

        • Yeah, definitely. What more can you do, right? I kind of wish we could do that Amazon Prime thing, where you give the book away free for 5 days, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Ah well.

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