YA Dystopian Cliches

Before you check out the awesome cliches below, I advise you to put it in your calendar to hop over to Amazon tomorrow, because Imminent Danger is free to download Saturday-Monday!

* * *

All credit for these goes to https://twitter.com/DystopianYA.

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11 thoughts on “YA Dystopian Cliches

  1. insidethemindofabibliophile

    Oh my gosh these are so accurate!😂

  2. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    Fun and a weekend deal!

  3. Spot on. haha

  4. One day someone will write a YA dystopian novel and the characters will say things like ‘well, we saw the warning signs all those years ago and did nothing about it. Only got ourselves to blame. Can I have some more of that nebulised brisket?’

    • I love self-aware genre books. The only problem is the joke tends to wear off after the first few chapters, and then it gets boring. Works great for short stories though!

  5. *counts* Uh… I got three out of fourteen in my book. Insert excuses as to how they’re totally justified in my case here. 😉

  6. I was actually pretty proud that my dystopian novel has NONE of these things, really–but now I’m wondering if I’m doing it all wrong. oO

    • Well, if you’re trying to write a cliche dystopian novel, yeah, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re trying to write an original, interesting novel, you’re probably on the right track 😀

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