Awesome Review-That’s-Not-A-Review

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now, but I keep forgetting. Anyway, today’s the day!

Back in April, I got a new review for Imminent Danger, and I basically died laughing because it was so ridiculous. Here it is, in all its screencapped glory:

silly review

I wish they’d attached more stars to the review, but it’s still pretty phenomenal the way it is.

That’s all, folks! Happy Canada Day for all you Canadians out there, and for everyone else, have a sunny and wonderful Wednesday!


Unrelated media of the day:

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17 thoughts on “Awesome Review-That’s-Not-A-Review

  1. That review is hilarious 🙂 It reminds me of a situation we often come across while travelling. My husband is a great proponent of asking people on the street for directions. This strategy works out about as often as it doesn’t. I have found that some people are more motivated by a desire to help out than they are by common sense – meaning they will give directions even when they have no real idea of how to get where we want to go. Results in some funny conversations and side trips. But it’s all good, right?

    • I mean, the whole point of travelling is to see new places, right? So as long as you’ve fulfilled that quota, regardless of what places they are, you’re succeeding!

  2. What a weird thing to happen. I have not heard of Amazon asking for a review and it is the kind they should really take down because they admit to not reading your book. Weird in an amusing sort of way

    • I think it’s a new thing Amazon’s doing. Because I’ve got a few emails from them over the past few months saying “Hey, you bought XX book, would you like to write a review?”. But yeah, probably a review they should take down if they were at all paying attention, lol.

  3. Hey, considering all the people who buy (and presumably read) books but don’t write reviews, this is pretty great!

    • I agree! I mean, if he’d given me a bad review I’d be ticked off, but 3 stars and some good-natured tomfoolery are A-okay by me 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty funny review. Wonder why Amazon was bugging them.

    • They’ve bugged me a couple times — just random emails going “Hey, you bought XX book last month, want to write a review?” Do you not get hit up by those? If so, lucky duck.

      • I get those, but usually only once. This person seems to have been bugged about reviewing a book they never bought, which is strange.

  5. Ha! She judged a book by its cover!! LOL

  6. That’s maybe the best review I’ve ever seen. At least it’s not one of those awful one-star “I haven’t read it but I heard it ends with a cliffhanger” or “I haven’t read it but the cover is crap” ones.

  7. Oh, Internet, how you never fail to startle me… 😀

  8. I keep getting requests to review books I have bought, one just an hour after the purchase of said book, I consider myself a fast reader but that is just silly, strange thing is your reviewer is listed as a verified buyer so I wonder if the picked it up when you have a free promo going on and forgot about it, I know I have so many books on my Kindle I have done that with some I even tried to buy again before it alerted me.

    • I think they must have gotten it during a free promo, yeah, otherwise I don’t know why the heck Amazon was prompting a review from them. And yes, that happens to me too! I buy a book, and Amazon immediately spams me with OMG REVIEW THIS NOW AHAHAHAHA. Possibly they are more eloquent. Unlikely, but possible.

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