Photos from my Book Tent at the Gathering on the Green festival!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I’m pleased to share with you three lovely photos taken by yours truly from my little stint selling books at the Gathering on the Green festival here in sunny London, Ontario. Without further ado …

2014-06-07 16.12.06

My first henna tattoo! Ain’t it sparkly?

2014-06-07 16.12.27 (1)

My brother Jesse chilling in our booth.

2014-06-07 16.12.39

A close-up of the table — Imminent Danger overload!

Hopefully that brought you some small measure of entertainment to brighten your day. And if not, here’s an …

Unrelated media of the day:

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20 thoughts on “Photos from my Book Tent at the Gathering on the Green festival!

  1. Lovely, I so wish I could be there! The weather looks fantastic, too. More photos, please! 🙂

    • Those are all that I took!!!! I had actually intended to bring along a video camera, but of course I left it on the shelf by the door — ironically, had I not specifically moved it in order not to forget it, I probably wouldn’t have forgotten it.

  2. Love the sparkly henna tattoo. Your table looks great, Michelle.

    • Thanks 🙂 And I had so much fun with the henna — I’d never gotten one before, so I didn’t really know the procedure, and once she was done drawing the design she said “Do you want colour?” and I was like “… sure?” and then she pulled out a little puff contraption and puffed sparkles all over my arm, lol. It was quite the experience.

  3. Your tattoo matches your pants. Try that with a traditional ink tattoo!

    True story: Your middle photo is the one that shows up in my blog reader. Before I clicked and read the post, I thought, “Hmmm. Michelle looks like a boy from far away.”

    • I suspect that’s why the lady spritzed me with purple glitter as opposed to blue or green or plaid or whatever. And I am quite amused by your observation — it is a running joke that my brother and I look alarmingly similar (ignoring the height and weight difference, and the fact that we are of course different genders). When I was teaching English in Korea, I brought my brother into class, and my students looked back and forth between us and shouted “Teacher! Same! Same!”

  4. Juan Zung

    Looks like a great booth! Love that wheel of fortune!

  5. That looks awesome & congrats!!

  6. That’s a very pretty tattoo! I’ve had henna tattoos before and they were typically either brown or black in colour, but the sparkles are so much nicer!

    And that comic made me laugh more than it probably should’ve.

    • Thanks 😀 As it turned out, once I peeled the henna off, the tattoo wasn’t actually purple, just normal brown. The glitter was just to make it look nice while it dried. Still, fun!

      I pretty much fell off my chair laughing at the comic, so don’t worry about laughing too much, lol.

  7. What would an author event be without a henna tattoo? 🙂

    • Clearly I’ve been doing it wrong, because this is the first time I got a henna tattoo! I’ll have to make sure I only appear at festivals that support henna artists from now on, lol.

  8. So, how did it go?! Did you sell any books? Have any awesome conversations with strangers? Have hoodlum teenagers run off with your danger-wheel?
    And yes, love the sparkly purple henna. xD

    • It was great! Sunny day, not too warm, friends chilled me most of the day, etc. Sold 7 books (woo!), and met a fan — apparently at my last book sale, a woman bought a book for her niece, and then said niece (teenage girl) came up to me and we talked for like half an hour. It was so fun, and I was totally flabbergasted to have this random person come up to me and tell me they were a huge fan. No hoodlums ran off with my wheel, although several did spin it so violently that I was concerned it would break and/or fall on their heads.

      • Oh YAY! =D That’s a lot of books!! And I bet it must have been totally mind-boggling to have a stranger, in the flesh, telling you how much they liked your book. But I feel like that’s also got to be one of the best parts of the job. :)) Congratulations!

        • It was CRAZY mind-boggling. I’m good at 2-3 minute small talk with strangers, but once we exhaust the initial topics of conversation, I get very perplexed. Luckily she was quite enthusiastic about leading the conversation (Thank GOD), so we had quite the lovely chat, and I don’t think I disappointed her too horribly, lol.

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