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8 Storytelling Wisdoms

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today, I’d like to share with you some wisdoms about storytelling that I found in an old notebook on my bookshelf. I’m pretty sure I wrote most of them down whilst playing through Kingdom Hearts, although a couple are potentially from elsewhere.

Do with these wisdoms what you will!


Storytelling wisdoms found in my old notebook

(possibly inspired by Kingdom Hearts) 

  1. Things with wings that don’t traditionally have wings are awesome!
  2. Insightful, strong, and silent guys are hot.
  3. Permanent reminders of childhood memories and friendships are sweet.
  4. Best friends who turn evil for good reasons are tragically appealing — but only if the hero believes they can be redeemed.
  5. Evil best friends who appear out of nowhere, taunt you, and then disappear, rock.
  6. It’s really annoying when bad guys withhold vital information.
  7. Obscenely over-powered fathers are awesome, especially when protecting their children.
  8. It’s extremely tragic when someone with ultimate power loses their power.
  9. Tanning works better if you aren’t fully dressed.


That last one was written in red ink, while the rest were written in blue ink, so I think I might have tacked it on as a more general life wisdom. Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed the wisdoms!



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Unrelated media of the day:

Kind of a fun little musical compilation. Guy sings Katy Perry’s Dark Horse song in 20 different musical styles.

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