Monday Writing Update

NaNoWriMo is officially over, and I have officially … lost.


Now, in my defense, I came pretty darn close. I started at 31,881 words and ended at Ā 71,889 words, which means I wrote a grand total of 40k words. Not quite 50k, but still a great deal more than what I started with! So, I’m calling this one a moderate success.

Of course, my story is still in shambles. I’ve reached about the 1/3 point in the plot, and I’m 70k words in. So that means the book is on track to be 210k words long. Yikes. Excessive editing and cutting and rewriting will cut that down, but it’ll be a hassle for sure.

In other news, I’ve recently launched a proofreading service. This is partially because I’m good at proofreading and want to do more of it, and partially because my income is laughable at the moment and I need to pay rent. So, if you’re looking for someone to proofread your next book before it goes live, hit me up! The going rate is $0.0015 per word, which works out to $150 for a 100k word novel.

My final life update is something I mentioned before, but am still excited about–I’ve acquired a seasonal job at a local tea shop! The hours are whacky, and I’m having a devil of a time remembering the 150+ teas we sell (and by “devil of a time”, I mean it will never happen), but it’s still been quite enjoyable thus far. Money is always nice, not to mention it gives me a reason to leave the house and get a bit of exercise. I won’t be able to head back to Ontario for Christmas this year, but I’m planning an awesome road trip in January/February once the contract’s over so I can go see my folks. Huzzah!

I think that’s about it. What are you awesome people up to these days? Any fun holiday plans? What’s your favorite kind of tea? Let me know in the comments!


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30 thoughts on “Monday Writing Update

  1. No plans here. As far as teas go, I like strawberry flavored ones, but they’re so hard to find. Sorry you didn’t win NaNoWriMo.

  2. Earl Grey tea is one of my favourites!

    • Yes! So delicious. A bit of milk and sugar only adds to the experience. I’m also quite partial to pumpkin spice tea. Don’t laugh! I know it’s a cliche thing to drink in the fall, but it’s also crazy tasty. Or a good jasmine green tea is lovely to have in the afternoon.

      • I thought you said you weren’t going to memorize all those teas. It sounds to me like you’re already heading there, though šŸ˜€

        • Ha! Well, I mean I have the top 10 or so down pat, since people ask about them constantly. Beyond that, though …

          • Both the missus and I love tea, actually. So, we have some 50-60 varieties at home. We even asked our supplier for a catalogue, so we’re probably the only house in Athens that brings out a menu when people ask for a tea… šŸ˜€

            • I’d love to see your guests’ reactions to that menu, lol.

              • Ha ha – it’s pretty hilarious, actually! Plenty of dropped jaws, followed by looks of disbelief.

                Then comes a dialogue along the lines of:

                “So, you’ve really got all of these?”

                “Sure. Most of them, anyway.”

                “Fine.” They then hand me the menu, a mocking look on their face. “‘ll have a 43, then.”

                “That’s the one with the pineapple and hibiscus, right? A fine choice, madam.” (spoken in my best Downton Abbey voice).

                I then give them the first tea I happen upon, and no one’s the wiser… :b

                • That is amazing. Specifically the “give them whatever tea you find first” thing. I know a few people with refined palates that would figure you out, but I’m pretty sure that if I asked for a specific green tea and you served me whatever random green tea you had, I wouldn’t know the difference. I would not make a good wine connoisseur. My “nose” is laughably pedestrian.

  3. Depends on the season and time of day, but Green or Oolong is usually a safe bet.

    So you are proofer. Considering my intentional typos have typos, I am always on the lookout for people who can save me from myself.

    • Lol. Well, you know where I am, so hit me up anytime. In terms of tea, yes to both green and oolong! My favorite green tea is definitely jasmine green — there’s just something about jasmine that makes me feel super zen.

  4. Recently I came across a tea from a shop here in Victoria called “Alchemist’s Brew.” Just the thing! Good luck with the proofing biz, and of course your writing.

  5. Next year you’ll win NaNoWriMo. Besides, 40k is pretty awesome. I only managed 7k and am still quite pleased šŸ˜€

    Awesome news about the proofreading – I’m notoriously bad at it, so I’ll keep it in mind for future projects.

    Well, since you asked, here’s what I am up to: I’m working on the sequel to “Age of Torridan” which will be called “Age of Sulphur.” Other than that, I’m looking for stories for the Arcane Arts Anthology (as you know, but I mentioned this for completeness’s sake) and have put up the details of the open call on my blog.

    Alas, I’m not much of a tea person, so black tea is my favourite. Due to Star Trek I tried Earl Grey, but that’s a bit too prickly for my taste.

  6. Congrats on NaNoWriMo! Despite what you think, it’s quite the achievement.

    I love me a green Lady Grey, to be honest, as I prefer green (or white) tea to black one.

    I wish you every success with the proofreading service! Having read all of your work, I can attest to your eagle eye šŸ™‚

    What scares me in the unrelated media of the day is that I still don’t know whether Ken was serious or not. And that they both misspell “its.”

  7. At least you got close to those writing goals – more than most can do. Good luck with all that tea. It sounds maddening to be a part of. Might make a solid short story. Tea bags gone wild, someone trying to keep up with them.

    • Close but no cigar. Then again, I don’t smoke cigars, so maybe close is better, lol. Thank you for the luck. Even more confusing than the tea, believe it or not, are the tea accouterments. Tea cups and tea pots and tea-infused chocolates and buy 2 get one free today but 50% off mugs tomorrow and never the same deal when I come in for my shift. Gah!

      • Sounds maddening. Truly – good luck with that job. It reminds me of a few I’ve had in my lifetime.

        • One thing I really like about it is that the time flies by. It’s not like some jobs I’ve had in the past, where time just drags and I’m constantly checking my watch. I actually ended up staying 30 min past the end of my shift yesterday because I didn’t realize it was time to go. I don’t have a hope in heck of memorizing all the products, but it does get easier each day, thank goodness. And no crazy customers yet! Except for the lady yesterday who came in looking for teapots, and gave me the evillest look ever when she saw our teapot section, like I was personally responsible for the small selection.

  8. I’m an Earl Grey girl at heart, though I’m also rather partial to peppermint. Ooh and Assam. Congrats on the position! And also on getting to 40k during NaNoWriMo – that’s still huge!

    I will definitely keep you in mind for proofreading in coming months! (I have to actually finish and revise the current WIP first, but that day will come come! Eventually!)

    • Earl Grey is so delicious. Have you had a London Fog before? (basically an Earl Gray latte). Stick a little sugar in there and it’s pure heaven.

      Thanks šŸ™‚ Honestly, 40k is way better than I thought I’d do, so I’m definitely happy with how far I got. Of course, now that NaNo’s over, I’ve barely touched the story. Something to work on in the new year! Also, good luck on your WIP šŸ™‚ I’d love to take a look at it when it’s done!

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