Still More Awkward Book Titles

A glorious and ridiculous collection of awkward book covers.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Following the great titles in my previous posts, Awkward Moments in Children’s Books and More Awkward Moments in Children’s Books, here are some more… erm… unusual book titles, courtesy of the Bored Panda.

Naturally, cats are the very first subject to come to mind, proving that pussies were popular long before the Internet was invented:

You can buy this book here.

Before cat videos took over YouTube, people had to flick through books such as this, to get their daily dosage of feline craziness:

You can buy this book here

Not all cats are equal, though.

And this delightful volume.

Photo: @Topkatmoon

And some took the whole cat craze to new levels:

You can buy this book here

Speaking of the divine, this unusual title attempts to put men’s infatuation with sex to good use…

You can buy this book here.

…unlike this one, which just gives up with my gender.

You can buy this…

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2 thoughts on “Still More Awkward Book Titles

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, my dear 🙂

  2. These are hilarious!

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