Chasing Nonconformity Is Approaching!

What do George R.R. Martin and I have in common?

We both take obscenely long amounts of time to finish our books.

But while Winds of Winter is still nowhere near being finished, I’m psyched to announce that Chasing Nonconformity is at the final proofreading stages, and should be published in a matter of weeks!

Feel free to throw your baby in the air in celebration. If you don’t have a baby, acquire one. This is not the time for half-measures. This is the time for VICTORY!

So here’s the official update: The sequel is done. My mother/editor is currently proofreading it for the second (and last) time. Yes, she gets two rounds of proofreading. Then I proofread it. Once that’s done … publication time!

We’ll start off with the ebook, and then proceed to the print book once I get the print cover from Ravven. Speaking of which — if you’re interested in grabbing a signed copy of the print book, shoot me off an email at I’ll write a post about that when the print book actually goes live, but basically it will be ~$10 for the book + shipping. And obviously I’ll throw in assorted swag. What is life without swag? No life I want to live, I can tell you that.

That’s all for now! Thanks for checking in, and have a fabulous weekend.


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17 thoughts on “Chasing Nonconformity Is Approaching!

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  2. Hurray! At least it was Harper Lee levels of time between releases. 😉

  3. Yay – really looking forward to this one Michelle.

  4. Woo hoo! That is exciting news indeed 😀

  5. Sometimes great just takes a bit longer. Looking forward to reading it.

    • I’m currently in that zone somewhere between “OMG I’m so excited for people to read it” and “OMG when will I finally get this published so I can move on with my life” lol

  6. Yayayayayah! Well you know I’m excited girl. 😀 ❤ And of COURSE I want a signed version!! So it can sit all nice and awesome next to my other two~ Plus I helped beta-read, so! ^^ And lol about wanting to just move on with your life. xD That's kind of how I've been feeling about mine lately–like I want to feel free to write something else without this unfinished chain fettering me to my other book. GOTTA FINISH IIIIIITTTT.

    Anyway, you rock. 🙂

    • You’d better be! Otherwise I’d have to fire you. Except I don’t pay you, which makes that tricky. Maybe you could apply to be my unpaid intern, and then I could catch you stealing staplers from the file room and be forced to let you go.

      Where was I going with this again?

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