Five FREE Tools To Help Self-Published Authors Succeed.

Five really useful tools for self-publishers — especially the URL shortener!

Nikki McDonagh - author and photographer

It is hard being an author, whether self-published or traditionally, getting your manuscript/book looking good, free of grammatical/typo errors and noticed when it is published, is very difficult. So the more tools at your disposal that can help you do that is surely a good thing.

I have recently discovered a few neat little devices that can help to make those jobs easier.

1: Scrivener – The first and truly brilliant, especially if you are considering self-publishing, is this word processing and book formatting tool – You can download it for a Free trial to see if it is for you.

Don’t take my word for it, though – the self-publishing legend that is Joanna Penn (you can learn more about Joanna and her books to help self-published authors here: has a blog about the value of using Scrivener.


I’m sure most of you have…

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3 thoughts on “Five FREE Tools To Help Self-Published Authors Succeed.

  1. Awesome tools. Thanks for sharing, Michelle.

    • I’ve already taken advantage of that URL shortener. The part that makes me laugh is for the past few weeks now I’ve been thinking “man, I wish this existed, it would make sharing the book link so much easier” and then poof! Right there on my newsfeed.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

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