Up Up And Away!

Just checking in to let everyone know that I’m headed off for vacation with my mother and brother, and will return in approximately 2 weeks. I figured I should tell you, just in case anyone thought my prolonged absence indicated that I had been carried off by the abominable snowman. Which is a reasonable assumption, considering the excessive amounts of snow currently attempting to bury my house.

In unrelated news, my roommate’s dog just ran up to me and slobbered all over my pants. So that’s something, I guess.

And that’s pretty much all I got. Adios, my friends!

Unrelated media of the day:

((Adult language warning))

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7 thoughts on “Up Up And Away!

  1. Upon your return, you should have a certain children’s book at your doorstep, posted yesterday. Have a lovely time! 🙂

  2. Have fun. Hope you’re going to some place warm.

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