KDP Free Days — IMGUR Comments Edition

As you may have read in my last post, last weekend I did a free download for my book via Amazon KDP. On a whim, I posted an infographic about my book on IMGUR. This netted some excellent comments, which I thought I might share with you today.

Thus, in no particular order, I present to you: IMGUR comments!

Some commenters were honestly interested in learning more about my book:



While others were befuddled by the plot summary:


Some were intrigued by my awkward-to-pronounce surname:


While others just wanted to share a nice ham sandwich:


Some were surprisingly helpful and offered good advice:


While others were not so helpful:



Some regaled me with facts about entomology:


While others clued me into the harsh realities of life:


And finally, there were many, many comments about my appearance:



12Okay, that last one was sort of nice, lol. Ah, the joys of the internet!


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8 thoughts on “KDP Free Days — IMGUR Comments Edition

  1. Looks like you had fun. Nice job selling the book through the ham sandwich method.

  2. Can I call you Aunt Debi now?

  3. Well that answers my question (i.e. proper pronunciation of Proulx). So the book is doing well, huh?

    • It’s doing … decently, lol. Sells on average 1 copy a day, which I would love to be way higher, but I think for that to happen there need to be more books in the series! Which means I’m focusing all my time on editing book 2 so I’ll actually have a book to publish 🙂

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