New Book Trailer for Imminent Danger (Animoto)

I’ve seen a couple of cool Animoto book trailers floating around the internet, so I thought I’d try my hand at making one for Imminent Danger. 

It’s a grand total of 30 seconds long, and there’s no way to control how long the images or text stay on-screen. That being said, there are lots of themes you can choose from, and it’s literally just plug and play. So if you’re looking for a super easy way to make a book trailer, I’d definitely recommend Animoto.

The book trailer:

Special shout-out to Celeste DeWolfe for her awesome fan art that’s featured in the trailer!

In other news, Imminent Danger will be free to download on Amazon this weekend (Jan 31 – Feb 1). I’ll obviously do reminder posts when those days actually arrive, so this is just a heads-up in case you’ve always dreamed of reading my book but haven’t had the funds to do so.


Unrelated media of the day:

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17 thoughts on “New Book Trailer for Imminent Danger (Animoto)

  1. Well done Michelle 😀

    • You like it? Huzzah! Like I said, it was SUPER easy to create. I almost feel like it’s cheating, lol. But the end result looks pretty swanky, so no complaints 🙂

  2. Nice work! Did it cost anything?

  3. That’s pretty cool! Also–love your book cover. 🙂

  4. Very nice Michelle! Looks like I’ll be looking into this….

  5. Looks great – I’ll have to look into that site. Good luck with the free promotion.

  6. Ha ha! That was super nifty! =D I’ll definitely keep that in mind, because hey–I like marketing things that are easy to make and cost LITERALLY NOTHING! ^^ Also, happy to be featured~! >w< I'm glad you get so much use out of those pictures~
    Good luck with the free day! Hope it garners much more publicity!!

    • Who doesn’t love free marketing, I ask you? And thanks! I had a dream that 697 people downloaded the book before I even woke up … then I actually woke up and 21 people had downloaded it, lol. Ah well. It’s a start!

  7. Nice and zippy! As for the Miss Unverse winner, I think I know the reason. Ever seen a judge from another part of the universe? No. Earth has a monopoly on Miss Universe juddging! This is totally unfair and a completely outrageous! In fact, have you ever seen a contestant from anywhere other than Earth? No. I put it out there that the same group of cronies responsible for an Earth-only judging panel are also responsible for preventing entrants from other worlds from even entering the contest. I demand that they disclose all selection criteria and prove to the universe that all female beings from any inhabited world in any galaxy throughout the entire universe are equally eliegible to enter the Miss Universe pageant. Another suspicous fact is that it is always held on Earth. Every year without fail. When was the last time the pageant was broadcast from Venus or Alpha Centauri A-5? Or winners announced. Nope. None. Never.
    This is the result of fraud at the highest level!

    • And another little factoid they’re keeping quiet on — they purposely restrict their advertising and broadcasting to the Sol system. I bet you that if you were to pop over to Sirius or Betelgeuse, you wouldn’t see a single billboard reminding the locals to choose their representative. It’s just disgusting. We should boycott the entire competition — not for ourselves, but for all galactic females being denied their right to compete.

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