All You Need is a Smile: RUNAWAY SMILE by @Nicholas_Rossis #kidlit #authorinterview

Interview with Nicholas Rossis about his children’s book Runaway Smile, and writing and life in general. A really fun read — my personal favorite being the “Do you write naked?” question. Plus his book looks fantastic!

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3 thoughts on “All You Need is a Smile: RUNAWAY SMILE by @Nicholas_Rossis #kidlit #authorinterview

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Michelle! As soon as the copies I’ve ordered arrive, I’ll send you your copy as promised. Unless you don’t mind reading it in Greek – I’ve got a tonne of those 😀

    • Tragically Greek is firmly in my “huh?” category of language. You’re going to laugh at this, but when I was a teenager I did some travelling in Europe with my parents. We did all the highlights — London, Paris, Rome, etc. Then we went to Greece, and suddenly the signs were in an entirely different alphabet and I was horribly confused. I was so used to seeing foreign languages written in the Roman alphabet that I had totally forgotten Greek is written in … well, Greek!

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