Special Halloween Treat — New Free Short Story “The Dusk Bugs”!

As the title of this post indicates, I have a special Halloween treat for you — a free short story! This is my latest foray into the world of short fiction writing (the first being, of course, The Coin Collector), and I had a blast writing it. I also suffered several minor panic attacks and a near emotional collapse, but you’ll have to read the story to figure out why.

This short story is, of course …

dusk bugs cover 5

How delightfully campy is that cover? I had so much fun making it — it reminds me of a poster for an old B-movie thriller. Moving on …

The Dusk Bugs Summary

A pleasant evening stroll through the banana kingdom turns terrifying when our intrepid narrator is attacked by the most vicious and relentless of all predators — the dusk bugs.

If you read this story, your skin will crawl and your heart will pound in your chest — guaranteed. And I know this because the story is based off my own experiences walking through the banana kingdom (yes, it’s a real place) at dusk, and encountering the evil bugs that dwell there. Did I mention I hate bugs? Because I do. I hate them. SO. MUCH.


So CLICK THIS LINK to go download your very own copy of The Dusk Bugs. And once you’re done reading and laughing at my insanity, put on your costume, get out your candy, and have an awesome Halloween!

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9 thoughts on “Special Halloween Treat — New Free Short Story “The Dusk Bugs”!

  1. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    P.S. – We love, love, love Brett Domino around here. 😀

    • Yay! And also yay 🙂 First found out about him when I saw the “How to make a hit pop song” video. And now of course I can’t get the bassoon solo out of my head.

  2. Read and reviewed it! You’ve been to Greece in the summer, haven’t you??

    • I have … although I don’t remember there being that many bugs? Possibly because it was so sweltering hot that they were all hiding, lol.

  3. Downloading it now. Can’t wait to read it – love the title and cover.

    • Thanks! I had a bit too much fun with the cover, as you can tell — I was going for unnecessarily dramatic and campy, and I think it came across 😀

      • Did you do the cover yourself or someone else?

        • Someone else — talented lady named Ravven. I helped pick out the image of the girl and then had a lot of input on the text design, but she did everything else. My photoshop skills aren’t nearly good enough to create something like that on my own — heck, I don’t even own Photoshop!

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