SHWOOP Editing Session #1

I know, I know — what the heck is a “SHWOOP Editing Session?”

That’s what I’m calling my nightly editing sessions with my mother as we attempt to cut Chasing Nonconformity from 106k down to under 100k. And, obviously, revise the book to make it better. It’s not just about chopping out sentences, people!

You may recall mother and I doing something similar for the first book in the series, Imminent Danger. I actually managed to film one of those sessions, resulting in a vlog that still amuses me to this day.

Right. So we’ve started up a new round of editing for the sequel, and it’s going about as well as can be expected. Sadly I can’t record any of these sessions, as we now live in different cities and I don’t know how to record a Google Hangout. If anyone does know, tell me!

And now for the fun stuff.

I attempted to live-tweet the event, which was complicated by the fact that Twitter baffles and frustrates me. That being said, here are 3 of the tweets I did manage to get out into the interwebs:

shwoop 3

shwoop 1

shwoop 2

I’ve also got a couple of quotes from myself and my mother to amuse you:

Me: *opens chapter 1*
Mom: Wait, I haven’t read it. Is this how it starts?
Me: Yes, the content of chapter 1 is how the book starts.

Mom: I’m going to read it out loud as I go, because I’m assuming you’ve read it.
Me: Considering I wrote it …

Mom: What’s a word we use for cats?
Me: *what the heck what does that even mean*

Me: It’s like a big leaning tower of Pisa in space, and each level is a level. You can quote me on that.

Mom: *dying from laughter* Are you saying there’s no chance of her turning her communicator off, but there IS a chance she’d throw it down an air shaft?
Me: Yes.
Mom: *proceeds to laugh for another 3-5 minutes*

Oh! I also have a screencap of mom laughing, because why not:


Tune in next time for SHWOOP Editing Session #2!


Unrelated media of the day:

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7 thoughts on “SHWOOP Editing Session #1

  1. That unrelated picture reminds me of Jim Gaffigan’s comedy skit on bologna. It’s hilarious.

  2. “It’s like a big leaning tower of Pisa in space, and each level is a level. You can quote me on that.”

    Erm, I think you’ve got your one-sentence tag for the book… 😀

    • I could see it being a one-sentence tag for the book “The So-Called Wisdom of Michelle, Disgraced Former Author”, but not much else, lol.

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