Yarrr! Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, matey! Yarr! Codswallop! Rum!

Okay, that’s basically all the pirate speak I know.

Anyway, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I didn’t know much about it, so I checked out the site, and it turns out that you can donate there to various charities. These charities presumably have to do with talking like pirates, although I think they’re stretching — what does “regional support networks” have to do with looting and pillaging? Arrgh!

I have not personally written anything about pirates before, although I have seen some humorous pirate-themed media. I shall share these assorted media with you now, thus may we better embrace the ideologies of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Lazy Town – You Are A Pirate

Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates


Pirate Scrabble

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8 thoughts on “Yarrr! Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. Yo-ho-ho, me heartie – smashin’ stuff! Long Jeanette Silver

  2. Yarrrr! I could use some grog!

    • I actually found that song during my pirate-themed research party this morning. I never felt more piratey after listening to it.

      • Sean

        I never even realized – I thought of this band a few minutes after first seeing this post. You should check some more of their stuff out, all their songs are like this. They’re pirate metal. It’s hilarious.

  3. Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they arrrr….


  4. Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013 is less than a month away! Here’s a tool that small business owners can use to run a charitable promotion on TLAPD:


    The business simply commits to donating a percentage of purchases to charity any time a customer talks like a pirate on September 19, and the customer gets to choose their own favorite charity to benefit. (In fact, you could run your own promotion that day, Michelle!)

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