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My Tacyon Halloween + NaNo Update

I don’t understand science, so bear with me. Basically, tacyons move backwards through time. So when my brother Jesse (you might remember him from Vlog #2) heard that we were having our Halloween party after Halloween, he decided that we were having a Tacyon Halloween. Does the title make sense now? No? Welcome to my world.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some photos from our party, mostly because I’m super happy with my costume (German bar wench) and wanted to share them with you. Scroll past the photos for an update on my horrendous attempts at NaNoWriMo thus far.

Pumpkin ale and cupcakes.

Mother and brother.

Me, with my friend apparently trying to behead me.

Me trying to behead my friend.

NaNoWriMo Update:

So we’re 3 days into NaNo, and it’s going just plain awful. I am 483 words in, and I shouldn’t even be that far because I need to do actual work for my real job and instead I’m writing — and writing slowly, at that. Le sigh.

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