The First Draft of Cerulean Bound is FINALLY DONE!!!

That’s right! After approximately three years of writing and deleting and rewriting and general noodling around, I have achieved something which many thought to be impossible — I’ve finished the first draft of Imminent Danger #3, Cerulean Bound!


Now, before anyone gets too excited and starts throwing their clothing out the window, please calm down — I still have to edit the damn thing. It’s also a teensy bit too long, by which I mean it’s currently sitting at 142,000 words. Yikes. Seeing as the previous two books clocked in around the 90k mark, I have a lot of chopping to do.

But all that can wait for another day, because I’M DONE!!!!!


So, next steps? First up, I have to gather the pile of notes I’ve been collecting from my critique group, who have been steadfastly plodding their way through the B plot over the past six months. Lots of things to change in there. And I also acquired many helpful comments from my editor regarding the first handful of chapters, so that’s all going to change drastically as well.

Once those obvious changes are made, I’ll step away for a couple of days, then reread the entire thing, revising as necessary. I don’t think I’ll start making massive cuts right away, but even now, looking back, I can think of at least one character I can cut out entirely (and/or merge with another character). That should save me a couple thousand words. But I expect the bulk of the trimming to be done by my editor (a.k.a. my mother), which should be happening over the winter. She’s ordered me to get a viable draft to her before she wanders off on vacation next month, so I’m working under a bit of a time crunch here.

In other news, the tourist season is winding down (I work at a B&B in Nova Scotia), which means today was my first official “day off”. I celebrated with BBQ ribs and carrot cake, which I’m happy to report were delicious. Tomorrow is another day off (GASP), which I will hopefully spend getting some of those aforementioned edits done.

Moving into the off-season, I’m hoping to have a lot more free time — not only to work on my book, but to get back into blogging. So keep your eyes peeled — hopefully you’ll be seeing at least a little more of me in the upcoming months!


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16 thoughts on “The First Draft of Cerulean Bound is FINALLY DONE!!!

  1. Too late, I’ve already thrown my clothing out the window.

    • Dang it, you’re the second person to do that! I should really put my warnings earlier up in the post. Something to work on for next time, assuming my devoted fans haven’t already defenestrated their entire wardrobes.

  2. Yay for you! I was actually wondering the other day: Whatever happened to Michelle? I wonder how book #3 is coming? I must have felt ripples of accomplishment all the way out here on the west coast.

    • Well, I do live on the east coast now, so perhaps I sent a wave of accomplishment all the way around the world to you? 🙂 It has yet to sink in for me that the first draft is done — I think it’s because Mount Editing is looming above me and casting its daunting shadow. If you don’t hear from me in six months, please check back to see that it didn’t crush me, lol.

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  4. Whoo-hoo! I’ve slacked off in my blogging, both reading and writing and wondered if I’d missed this. Glad to see I haven’t. Bring it on! When you’re ready, that is. No hurry. 🙂

  5. I’m all for fusion cuisine, but ribs usually go better with a carrot slaw rather than a carrot cake.

    • The ribs were actually paired with leftover mashed potatoes; carrot cake came as the dessert course. Tonight I dine on pastrami sandwiches and sour Warhead candy. I don’t want to brag about my culinary skills or anything, but I think you can see from these gourmet meal plans how highly advanced they are …

      • What brine do you use for your pastrami? I favour local beef soaked in a simple Halen Mon salt broth then smoked over English oak chips to avoid conflicts with my environment.

  6. Woo hoo – exciting news all around! I’m so happy for you 😀

    • Hip hip huzzah! My goodness, it feels so good to have a finished story, even if about half of it’s going to change during the first edit, lol.

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