Awesome Book Dedications

I’m hard at work writing Cerulean Bound being on vacation and not accomplishing a darn thing, so I thought I’d brighten up your Monday a bit by sharing some excellent book dedications. These were collected on Imgur by PolarBlair924, so shout-out to him/her!

Thus, in no particular order, here are my favorites …

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10 thoughts on “Awesome Book Dedications

  1. That last one is great. What books are these from?

  2. Ha-ha!

  3. Do you know what the first dedication is from? I think I would add that to my TBR pile based on the dedication alone.

    • Sadly I have no idea. The guy who posted them on Imgur didn’t give any book titles. I wonder if I can Google it …

      Okay, a quick Google search suggests it might be “From SP book five, Mortal Coil”. A further comment states “Derek Landy’s dedications are the best”. That enough to go on? 😀

  4. Hahaha, Nick sounds like a fun guy to have as an editor. xD Actually got curious and went and hunted for the books.

    First one is Skulduggery by Derek Landy (this actually looks like a very cool book and I’m adding it to my to-read list!)

    Second is The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

    Couldn’t find the third unfortunately! 😦

    • Two out of three’s pretty darn good! And I think it’s so cool that a funny dedication can get readers to pick up a book. I need to step up my dedication game, lol.

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