It’s Spring! Time for a Bumper Sticker Giveaway!

After the longest winter of my life, I am ridiculously happy to announce that spring has OFFICIALLY HIT HALIFAX, CANADA!

Phew. Honestly, you cannot imagine my relief. Things were getting pretty grim for a while there. I’m looking at pictures from Celeste DeWolfe over in South Korea, who seems to spend all her time going to Cherry Blossom festivals and eating giant cotton candy balls, and then I look out my window, see seven-foot-high snowbanks, and think “Aw man.”

But today it was above zero and the snow’s finally melting and everything is glorious! Therefore, I have been inspired to run a …

Imminent Danger bumper sticker giveaway!


The prize: 

1 bumper sticker, as follows …

bumper sticker 1I have one on my car, and it’s super fly. You will be literally the coolest person in the galaxy if you have this bumper sticker on your car.


How to enter:

Since I’m feeling whimsical today, in order to enter I want you to write me a haiku. Post it in the comments on this blog post, or post it on my Facebook page, or, heck, even tweet it to me (@michellishelli).

The haiku can be about anything you want — my book, sheep, the dichotomy of good and evil, whatever floats your boat. I’ll pick my favorite, and the winner gets an awesome bumper sticker!

In case you don’t know, a haiku is three lines, with the syllable scheme 5/7/5. Here’s an example:

Holy cow, it’s a

super awesome giveaway

I sure hope I win

Terrible? Yes. Technically correct? Also yes! Haiku me, people!


The deadline:

Let’s make it … 9 am EST on April 13. So that gives you the weekend to think up an awesome haiku and send it my way.


Happy haiku-ing, everyone!


Unrelated media of the day:

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12 thoughts on “It’s Spring! Time for a Bumper Sticker Giveaway!

  1. Fun challenge. Haiku is harder than it looks:

    Spring has come at last
    Flowers and leaves are waking
    Sneezes are coming

    Enjoy the warmer weather.

  2. This is my haiku, inspired by what my cat did yesterday:

    All is dark and still.
    The humans are now sleeping.
    Soon, I must make noise.

    (I don’t have a car — can’t drive due to VERY bad eyesight — but that bumper sticker would look awesome on my clone’s Jeep. 🙂 I am especially amused that the cartoon guy has black hair and grey eyes like a certain novel character I probably identify with more than I ought to.)

  3. I have a fever, this haiku will, as a result, be fever influenced, lol. Enjoy!

    My friend Michelle Proux
    Soon we’ll meet Camos again
    As our half elf pair

  4. Here is my exit
    But it’s under construction
    Welcome to Memphis

  5. Blowing A gale here
    A spaceship would be useful
    Off to build an Ark

    I hate doing Haiki’s only for you would I attempt it lol

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