The Coin Collector by Michelle Proulx

I don’t often reblog reviews of my own works, but in this case it’s just too beautiful not to. Dave Higgins is truly a master of the writing craft. I also like that he makes my random whims as I wrote the short story into apparently deliberate acts of clever plotting and phrasing 😀


The Coin Collector by Michelle ProulxCombining a good ear for humour with sound logical arguments, Proulx creates a short story about taxation that is neither lumpy with tedium nor spattered by absurd ranting.

Mr Quimbly is the Tax and Revenue Agency’s newest investigator. Eager to do well on his first assignment, he girds his metaphysical loins and sallies forth to the warehouse of Mr Green to discover why he is stockpiling legal tender. But Mr Quimbly is not the first investigator to have this file; will he fall prey to Mr Green’s razor-sharp negotiation style?

While the earnest government official in a fantasy world is not a new trope, Proulx manages to make it her own, inviting comparison with Pratchett, Asprin, and other such authors without descending into pastiche.

This is in great measure due to the firm basis of logic upon which the plot is built. While there is fantasy in the world, the…

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11 thoughts on “The Coin Collector by Michelle Proulx

  1. Well-deserved! I loved the Coin Collector 🙂

  2. I have over-analysed? Not to worry, I shall balance the scales by reviewing Imminent Danger using a random word generator.

    • Excellent. If there isn’t at least one occurrence of the word “buccinal”, I shall be sorely disappointed.

      • Had you not mentioned it, there might have been. However, to so do now would be to invite rumour the review was not entirely random.

        • A fair point. I actually almost hope you do create a truly random review and post it on Amazon, if only to see if the Amazon review bots notice or care. I personally think you’d get away with it. And if random works no longer float your boat for some reason, you could always emulate Lewis Carroll and create your own words.

  3. Nice review, Michelle. Congrats.

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