Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post

NaNoWriMo approaches!

Before you ask, yes, I’ll be attempting the 50k word novelling challenge this year. I attempt it pretty much every year, although I haven’t succeeded since 2010 (when I wrote the first half of Chasing Nonconformity).

My novel project this year will be the third book in the Imminent Danger series, hesitantly titled “Cerulean Bound”. Make of that what you will.

I don’t expect to make it all the way to 50k, but I figure that even if I only do 10k, that’s 10k more than I had before, so what the heck!

My username is Grand Admiral Chelli — feel free to add me as a writing buddy, come say hi, etc.

This concludes my statement. Have a glorious Wednesday!


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14 thoughts on “Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post

  1. I also value being able to keep the 6k or 4k or whatever amount of words afterwards more than making the 50k. That said, it’s also good to aim high, so I will still shoot for winning 😛
    Good luck, have fun and such!

  2. I find success in the attempt. 50k does not a novel make, so just having a starting point for me is, as you said, more than I had before. 🙂 I think we’re already buddies, but I will confirm.

    So… Cerulean Bound, eh? Infinite possibilities with that one. I like!

    • And isn’t the hardest part of writing a book getting through the first few chapters? Smooth sailing from there! (HA)

      Cerulean Bound … mysterious, right? And I think it works on multiple levels (or it will once I get the whole plot figured out lol), so it’ll definitely be fun 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I’m a new blogger, and have decided to have a go at the 50,000 word novel challenge in November.
    I’m scared witless! but having said that, when I see even published writers admitting to a degree of apprehension, that can only be a positive sign in my deluded mind!
    I am spending most of my time when I should be working building up the plots in my mind, and creating/developing/and even ‘talking to’ my characters as the big day looms!
    To cap it all, I start a new job on Monday 3 November, so to say I’ll be challenged is an understatement. Here goes!

    • I love your enthusiasm! No need to be scared witless — 1667 words a day sounds like a lot, but if you set a time each day to just sit down and write with a nice big cup of coffee/tea and some chill music, the time flies by 🙂

      Your prep work is really smart — and talking to your characters isn’t crazy at all. I used to go for a long walk every day, and the majority of that walk usually consisted either of A) interviewing my characters, or B) imagining my characters were in a band playing whatever song was currently playing on my iPod.

      Best of luck with NaNo!!!

  4. Well, I hope this time you’ll win it. Even if you don’t, you’ll have written and that’s the important bit, right?

    Also, we just received The Coin Collector and the beautiful accompanying card. You’re so sweet, thank you!!! 😀 #excited_squeel

    • It made it all the way across the ocean! Woo! As for NaNo, I agree — the most important part is to get yourself to sit down and right. Winning is secondary 😀 Although it would be awfully nice to win!

  5. Good luck!

    I’m trying for the second time, but my outline, world-building, and character description is coming a little slow. Failure is always an option.

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