My World And Welcome To It

As I mentioned a few days ago, Misha Burnett’s books are free for download today! If you’re a sci-fi/mystery fan, check them out 🙂


Today and tomorrow (Saturday 12Oct13 and Sunday 13Oct13) my two Book Of Lost Doors novels are free for Kindle e-book download.

Although I have been writing about James & Catskinner and his world for about two years now, I still have difficulty explaining exactly what sort of books they are.  I have them listed under a couple of the Fantasy headings on Amazon, mostly because I have found that calling something Science Fiction tends to lead readers to expect starships and blaster guns, and that’s not what I write.

You’re not going to find any alien worlds with double suns in my work, instead you’ll find a world that looks very much like ours, on the surface.  It isn’t our world, though, it’s a strange and dangerous place, inhabited by things that only look human.

James, my narrator, is an ordinary man with an extraordinary monster living in his head…

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