Vlogs on hold while I find my video camera …

I’m really annoyed by this. I brought my FlipCam to the Argyle Arts Festival, where I had a booth back in August to sell Imminent Danger And How to Fly Straight into It, and I got a decent bit of footage from said event. I don’t remember if I mentioned the Argyle festival on my blog, but basically it was a medium success. I only sold 3 books, but I did trade one book for another local author’s book, and then I traded another book for some handmade soap and body butter. So not much in terms of sales, but lots in terms of swag!

Anyhoo, I’ve since misplaced my video camera, hence the appalling lack of vlogs. There are few things in life I enjoy more than babbling into a camera (Note: that was a blatant lie), and now I can’t even do that! Horror, thy name is my inability to replace objects from whence they came!

So that’s essentially why there haven’t been any vlogs for a while. Ah well.

On the writing front, still working away at Chasing Nonconformity. I’ve got the timeline worked out properly now, so at least my characters will be in the right places at the right times. Now to just get everything slotted into place.

I’ve also been toying around with a new short story concept, which would be called “The Dusk Bugs”. It would be based off my recent walking trip through the “Banana Kingdom”, a long stretch of pavement in a swampy area that someone has spray painted a bunch of bananas on. I made the mistake of walking through the Banana Kingdom at dusk, and there were … well, not to ruin the ending, but there were a fair amount of bugs. Terror ensued. I think it will make for an underwhelmingly thrilling tale. Stay tuned!


Unrelated link of the day:

The Harry Potter-themed series of gifs is titled: “No … no no no, I wasn’t ready for feels today!”


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13 thoughts on “Vlogs on hold while I find my video camera …

  1. Argh! I do hope you find your camera! (Have you left it in the car?)

    My trick for finding lost things is to look for something else. It doesn’t always work, but you know what it’s like when you’re searching for something – it’s almost inevitable that you come across something you were after a week ago and have a “Oh, there it is” moment.

    • Well, the problem is that it’s quite small, so that makes it a lot harder than finding, say, my laptop 😀 I definitely had it in my purse … and then from there it’s a mystery, lol. If I ever again post a vlog, you’ll know I found it!

  2. Is it in the sleeve of your jacket? I lost my wallet once, and that’s where it was. The leather one. Do you have a leather jacket? If not, disregard this advice.

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  4. Just so you can rule out some places and narrow your search… it’s not here. I looked all over this room and I can’t see it so I’m convinced it isn’t here. That should save you about 45 seconds plus flying time. 🙂 Not to mention Melbourne’s taxi fares wihch are almost equivalent to the airfares from your continent to mine. 🙂

    • Well, that’s inconvenient. I’m already on the plane to Melbourne. If you do find my camera when you’re out and about, be a dear and hide it for me in a clever yet moderately easy to discover location so I can feel like I accomplished something when I find it.

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