“MC” or “The Official Debut of ‘The Stone Kingdom’!”

Danielle E. Shipley’s new fairy tale novella The Stone Kingdom drops today! Check it out 🙂

Ever On Word

Ladies and gentlemen, royals and commoners, friends and strangers we’ll assume to be friends pending strong evidence to the contrary, welcome to Launch Day of my author’s newest novella, The Stone Kingdom (Book Two of The Wilderhark Tales)!

For those of you without a clue as to who is speaking to you right now, I’m Edgwyn Wyle, co-MC (that’s “main character”, you know) of “The Stone Kingdom”, as well as the one chosen to act as MC (meaning “master of ceremonies”, this time) for this announcement post, because Danielle likes to watch me do… just about anything, really.

But never mind about me – let me show you where to get the brand new book!

*clears throat and launches into the largely scripted spiel*

Get the beautiful paperback HERE and/or HERE, with a list price of just $7.99!

Get the Epub for your Nook

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