Inspiration is …

Words of wisdom we must all live by:

inspirationHas your brain exploded yet?


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15 thoughts on “Inspiration is …

  1. Given the heatwave going on here, I can really believe that.

  2. Gwen

    Omg I so agree with this! I’m posting on something similar tomorrow!

  3. What? A partly self-referential definition?
    This is what we have to put up with:

  4. Haha love this!

    • When I came up with that quote and said it to my brother, he gave me the mother of all “I am unimpressed” looks, and then proceeded to ignore me for the next five minutes, lol.

  5. And 20% procrastination.

    (It can handle one more logical fallacy, right? (>^-‘)>)

    • Oh, absolutely. I was thinking of pushing that sucker way past 100%, but I felt one logical fallacy was sufficient. I am a big fan of procrastination, though, so I might have to revise my quote … 😀

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