Some formatting tips for self-publishers or It’s all about consistency

Great tips for doing your final edit — wish I’d had this when I was editing Imminent Danger, lol. Had to figure it all out for myself.

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Formatting your book isn’t just about correct use of grammar and spelling. Here are some tips and pointers to making your book look like it’s been set by a professional.

  • Search-and-replace is your friend – but use it wisely. Always check that your search query is set up properly and never ‘change all’ unless you are absolutely sure you really want to ‘change all’.
  • Search and replace multiple spaces. In the past if you used a typewriter you would type a double space at the end of every sentence to create a clear sentence break in the monospaced typewritten text. Many authors still do this – particularly those who were brought up using typewriters. It’s not necessary anymore and can create weird spacing. This is one of the first things I do when I’m setting text.
  • Change double dashes – – to n – or m — dashes. Again this…

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6 thoughts on “Some formatting tips for self-publishers or It’s all about consistency

  1. Yes, made the change all mistake once. Total nightmare.

  2. Great share, Michelle.

    • Thanks 🙂 I thought it would be useful. I know I’ll be referring to it whenever I get to the final editing stage for my next book.

  3. lucewriter

    Interesting info. Thanks.

  4. Two errors that I have to correct on my second edition: shuddered, not shuttered (my husband found the same error in a Pulitzer-Prize winning book!) and in most cases, I need “farther” not “further.” (

    Luckily, I have a friend who is a Yankee, and she corrected some of my Southernisms, such as “sit down in the floor.” In the South, you sit in the floor; it’s more proper, though, to say you sit on the floor. Also, I have to be careful about double prepositions; most aren’t necessary.

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