Read this if you asked me to review your book!

What up, fellow bloggers. This post is for housekeeping purposes, so bear with me.

I’ve amassed a large selection of self-published books I’m supposed to read and review, and I’m getting a bit confused. Therefore, here is a list of all the ebooks that I currently plan to read/review. They aren’t in order or anything, just me scrolling through my tablet and typing them as they appear.

If you asked me to read/review your book, and it’s not on here, TELL ME!!!

  • The Altar of Deimos — Antoinette M
  • Can’t Live Without — Joanne Phillips
  • The Crimson League — Victoria Grefer
  • Entanglement — Maya Panika
  • L’Aria Onyx — Sahm Attaine King
  • Trapper & Emmeline — L. Flinch Bedder
  • Poor Percival Stories — Matthew Milson
  • Remember — Cristian Mihai
  • Water — Terra Harmony
  • Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me — Carrie Nyman
  • Shadeland — DL Miles
  • Jazz – Cristian Mihai
  • Once & Always; Heart Stealer; Wishing on a Rodeo Moon — Grace Brannigan
  • 28 Shades of Black — Sahm Attaine King
  • Heroes’ Awakening — Rigel Ordinario
  • Shadows of Penumbra — Margaret E. Alexander
  • The Friendship of Mortals — Audrey Driscoll
  • The Valley Walker — T.W. Dittmer
  • Surviving the Writing Apocalypse — Tania L Ramos
  • The Warden in the Gates — DL Miles

Again, if I said I would read/review your book and it’s not on that list, TELL ME!!! 

Otherwise, I won’t read it. Because I don’t have it.

In other news … what’s with the new WordPress format?

Anyone else ticked off by it? I hate that they’ve put the author name in tiny little letters at the bottom of the blog post on the Reader. I click on posts because I want to read what the blogger has to say. Now the author name is so small that I’m worried I’m missing posts by bloggers I love because their title isn’t super eye catching and I scroll right past it.

I tried to send WordPress a letter asking them to change it — at least make the blogger name larger!!! — but I can’t figure out how to contact them. Anyone know the secret to contacting them?

Unrelated video of the day:

This song is so happy. How can you not love it?


Unrelated image of the day:

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39 thoughts on “Read this if you asked me to review your book!

  1. Kim

    Bah! The MW letter is killing me. And I agree with your qualms about the new WP format. Boo! Hiss!

  2. I’m sure I’ve contacted Word Press via Twitter. @wordpressdotcom It’s worth a try.

  3. I can’t actually remember if I asked you to or not. Sorry.

  4. minisculegiants

    I love the Owl City video! I just like Owl City.

    Not a fan of the new WordPress format.

    • Woo! to the Owl City comment, and Boo! to the new WordPress format. I get that they’re trying to be innovative and whatnot, but change isn’t always better.

  5. Michelle
    I can’t honestly remember if I ask you to review my book. But then I asked everybody, including my Gran and she’s been gone five years.
    Would you do me the honour / honor of adding ‘A Construct of Angels’ to your list? (KDP Amazon)

    • You know, I get the feeling you did ask me to read that. Dang. Due to my extreme poverty, you’re going to need to send me a pdf/epub/mobi file if you want me to review it. One day I envision a world in which I can buy all the ebooks in the world, but tragically today is not that day. (email = You know, I really get the feeling that you already sent me a copy, but for the life of me I can’t find it. Damn you, memory! DAMN YOU!

      • Michelle
        Thank you for finding space for me. And don’t curse the ole’ memory too much. What with all the content, addresses and passwords we fill our mind with, its a wonder that there is any room left for breathing, walking and suchlike!

  6. I thought it was just me. I’m having a hard time acclimating to the WP format, too.

    • Ugh. It’s awful. And the Freshly Pressed page is just a joke now. Who’s going to scroll through all that nonsense? It was way better when Freshly Pressed was a simple point-and-click grid.

  7. Hmmm. I’m not on your list, possibly because I didn’t know you reviewed books – I’m a newbie to your particular blog. Which I love. Is that enough sucking-up to get me ON the list? 😉 I could provide more….

    • Hahaha no sucking up necessary. All books are welcome on the list, so long as you don’t mind waiting months for the review to come out, lol. Of course, the surefire way to get a review asap is send me a physical copy of the book, as I’ll see it sitting on my desk and therefore be guilted into reading it, but that seems a bit excessive when ebooks are so much more … well, free 🙂

      Anyway, if you do want in on the list, send me a mobi/epub/pdf of your book to Again, no promises on when the review will happen, but know that it will happen eventually 🙂

      • Well, then – I’ll be sure to send the e-version. Or paperback. Either/or. Have to warn you though, the tree-version formatting is a bit off. Well, to me. Right margin mysteriously lost its justification. [shrug] Gotta love glitches!

  8. Reblogged this on Robin Writes.

  9. I watched the Colbert Miracle Whip/Mayonnaise war episode. I laughed so hard. I must say, I love the letter but hate Miracle Whip!!! Ewwwwww. Proudly eating my mayonnaise smothered sandwich now. MMmmmmm so good.

  10. I love that song! It’s been stuck in my head for a few days now, haha. And that letter is just absolutely hilarious. I haven’t tried Miracle Whip, but mayo is a perfectly good condiment. =D

    • You know, I don’t think I’ve actually met a single person who’s eaten Miracle Whip. Maybe it’s an American thing? (I’m Canadian)

      • I’m Canadian, too, and Miracle Whip is delicious. Mayo is, too. They are similar, but different. It’s like trying to argue between ketchup and bbq sauce. They’re both good in certain places!

        • Ah, excellent! A fellow Canadian to add his two cents. Tell me, kind sir, when exactly would it be appropriate to use Miracle Whip?

          • When you want that tangy zip, of course!

            Whilst I disagree with their thesis concerning the validity of sandwiches not containing Miracle Whip, I feel a valid application would be with mild sandwich toppings, like a fried egg, slice of tomato, and of processed cheese. That sounds like a Miracle Whip situation to me. If your ingredients are strongly flavoured, consider mayonaisse instead.

            So it is written, so shall it be consumed.

  11. I finally got a smartphone and i am glad because i can keep in touch with my writing friends like you. Lol. how cool it is that you are reviewing other writers. i am getting close to being finished on my first ever manuscript, exciting stuff, but now that i am finishing the first i cant wait to finish the next, you know? thank you for keeping this blog…it reminds that we all getting closer to the truth! take care ill be staying tuned

  12. I do not have a book published in English yet, but when I do I will let you know. And will you be happy to review it one day, Michelle? 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  13. That’s quite the list. Speaking of which, can you review MY book? (blink, blink)

  14. I had asked you to review mine, but I lost your email. Could you send it to me again or email me at with it? Thanks again.

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