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Chasing Nonconformity Cover Reveal!

At long last, I’m psyched to reveal the cover for what will be the second book in the Imminent Danger series — Chasing Nonconformity! The cover design was done by the talented Ravven (same as the Imminent Danger cover). And thus, without further ado …


Wow! Not gonna lie, guys, Book #2 gets a bit intense. In fact, here’s a summary for you of the plot:

Still reeling from accidentally marrying an exiled alien prince named Varrin, and from almost getting her head blown off by a six-armed lizard man with anger management issues, seventeen-year-old Eris Miller is ready for a vacation. But Varrin is desperate to rescue his beloved spaceship, the Nonconformity, from the clutches of the galactic government, so her vacation will just have to wait.

While Eris and Varrin chase after the stolen ship, they’re unaware that trouble is brewing on the other side of the galaxy. The villainous Emperor of Rakor has assembled a task force, led by the commander of the deadly Skin Slicers, to hunt Varrin down. With enemies closing in and the Nonconformity slipping further and further from their grasp, Eris must ask herself: how much is she willing to sacrifice to ensure her happily ever after?

Chasing Nonconformity will be published in Spring 2015, and if you’re interested in getting a signed copy, I’ll be running another crowdfund campaign around that time in which you can grab a copy or three. Until then, if you’d like the matching set, stop by my current IndieGoGo campaign for Imminent Danger and grab the first book in the series!

Also, big thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who helped me out with the cover reveal:

Charles Yallowitz

Misha Burnett

Danielle Shipley

Nicholas Rossis

Anthony Renfro

Audrey Driscoll

Beth Madden

Christina Channelle

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous weekend!

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