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Six degrees of TRAMPOLINES!!!

So for those of you who haven’t heard, Canada has officially won its first gold medal. This victory is the hard work of Rosie MacLennan, who bounced her way to gold on the trampoline. Who would have thought our first gold medal would be from Trampolining?

First of all, GO CANADA! Second, GO ROSIE!

Now for the six degrees of separation part. I actually went to school with Rosie in grades 7 and 8. I remember when we were doing the gymnastics unit in gym class, and while all we athletically-challenged kids were doing forward rolls across the mats, Rosie was off at the other end of the gym back-flipping and cartwheeling to her heart’s content. I believe that was the day I bent my glasses due to my inability to do a forward roll. My mother had to take me out of school early so we could go get my glasses fixed. That probably explains why she’s an Olympic gold-medallist, and I’m sitting in my apartment writing a blog about her accomplishments.

Anyway, I’m super excited for her and her win–although probably not a sixteenth as thrilled as she is right now.

Congrats Rosie, and congrats Canada!

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