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My Winter 2014 Publishing Game Plan

This is a big one, folks, so prepare yourselves!

After a great deal of research and herbal tea, I have roughly mapped out my publishing plans for the next few months. I haven’t worked out timelines yet, but I do have the steps more or less in order, so I thought I’d share them here. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions, as you in all likelihood know something I don’t. Thus, without further ado …

My Winter 2014 (and possibly Spring 2015) Publishing Game Plan

  1. Cover reveals for Imminent Danger and Chasing Nonconformity. As you may know, I’m going to split (at some point) from iUniverse and re-publish Imminent Danger via KDP and Createspace. The sequel is getting into the latter stages of editing now, and both books have beautiful new covers, so I’ll be hoping to get you lovely people to help me out with cover reveals in the next month or two.
  2. IndieGoGo Campaign. Okay, this is the big one that I’m really excited about. After that potato salad Kickstarter went viral, I thought to myself, “Self, you can totally run a crowdfunder for your book. It may fail miserably, but you can sure as heck try!” So sometime in the next few months (currently looking at ~December) I’m going to run a crowdfunder for Imminent Danger/Chasing Nonconformity! The concept is pretty simple — you donate a certain amount (to help me pay back the cover designer and assorted publishing-related expenses) and then in return you can choose from a whole bunch of perks. There will be the obvious ones, like eBook copies and signed print copies, but then there will also be some fun stuff (I’m thinking a swag bag with assorted Imminent Danger themed goodies). So if anyone’s run a crowdfunder before and has any tips, please share them!
  3. Re-publish Imminent Danger. Once the campaign’s over, time to re-publish Imminent Danger with its pretty new cover! I’ve also made some minor edits to the book (nothing massive structurally-speaking, just little tweaks to improve the flow of the book), so it might be worth checking out. (wink wink) Also, I’m planning for the IndieGoGo campaign that you automatically get an eBook copy of the new Imminent Danger regardless of how much you donate, so that should be an easy enough way to update your virtual library.
  4. Publish Chasing Nonconformity. No timeline yet on this, as the book’s still being edited, but we’re looking at Spring 2015 at the moment. Once the sequel gets published, I can obviously start sending out all the Chasing Nonconformity-related swag from the IndieGoGo campaign.
  5. Write the third book, tentatively titled Cerulean Bound. Spoiler alert!!! I’ve got the plot mostly worked out (well, the start and the end, at least, lol), so now it’s a matter of writing the darn thing. The first book took me 7 years from start to finish, and the second’s going to take 5, so hopefully we can cut this one down to a year or two.

That’s the plan! Questions and comments welcome and encouraged. Have a wonderful week!


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