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Monday Musings — My first job interview in 5 years!

I am pleased to announce that today I successfully had my first job interview in 5 years!

I won’t jinx it by revealing what job I’m applying for, but let’s just say I’m really excited about it, and it would let me do some real good in the community if I end up getting it. Not to mention — money! Being a starving author is tons of fun, of course, but money is nice too.

For anyone wondering how the heck I got away with not interviewing for anything in 5 years, the story is as follows. In 2010, I graduated from university and interviewed for a job teaching English in South Korea. Failed the first interview, nailed the second one, and spent the next year in the land of the morning calm (as opposed to the land of the mourning clam, which is just a depressing place to visit). When I got back, no interviews necessary because I went back to the eLearning job I’d been doing throughout part of university. Did that until this past winter, when the oil prices plummeted and all my projects got cancelled. Thus, here I am today, five years later!

Anyhoo, I was so excited about getting through the interview without saying anything too silly that I rewarded myself with pad thai and a chocolate ganache tart for lunch. I also stopped on the way home to vote (Canadian election day!), which was shockingly well-organized. Which is a good thing, I guess, but I’m so used to government events being poorly organized that I was honestly taken aback at how efficient everything was. The only hiccup occurred when some foolish person decided to park their truck directly behind me (there was also a car in front of me, thank you weird parking lot layout), so I ended up doing a really awkward 34-point turn to escape.

In writing news, Chasing Nonconformity has sold a grand total of 26 Kindle copies! Which is nowhere near getting me onto the bestseller list, but I’m proud of myself, dammit. Thanks so much to everyone who’s grabbed a copy!

That’s all for today. Have a kick-a$$ week, and try not to let the autumn chill get you down!


Unrelated media of the day:

This feel-good song tells the story of a young man who buys a moped and goes downtown to show it off and pick up chicks.

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