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Chasing Nonconformity Back Cover Blurb – Help!

Happy Saturday, everyone! As edits are progressing well with Chasing Nonconformity (Imminent Danger #2), I thought it high time to share the back cover blurb with you!

The story is set but the blurb isn’t, so if you have any suggestions for how to improve it, please by all means comment! Actually, that’s exactly why I’m sharing this today, so please let me know what you think. Heck, if you want to re-write it entirely, that’s “totes” cool with me.

Without further ado …

Chasing Nonconformity

(Imminent Danger #2)

Back cover blurb

Still recovering from the shock of accidentally marrying an exiled alien prince named
Varrin, and from almost getting her head blown off by a six-armed lizard man with anger
management issues, seventeen-year-old Eris Miller is ready for a vacation. But Varrin is
desperate to rescue his beloved spaceship, the Nonconformity, from the clutches of the
galactic government, so her vacation will just have to wait.

While Eris and Varrin chase after the stolen ship, they are unaware that trouble is
brewing on the other side of the galaxy. The villainous Emperor of Rakor has assembled
an unlikely team to hunt down and capture Varrin: Prince Trystan (Varrin’s younger
brother), Sebara (Trystan’s electro-scimitar-wielding bodyguard), and Fino’jin
(commander of the deadly Skin Slicers).

With enemies closing in, time running out, and the Nonconformity slipping further and
further from their grasp, Eris is forced to ask herself … what is she willing to sacrifice to
ensure her happily ever after?


There we have it! Comment, comment, comment, and my thanks in advance for any and all help provided.


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John Oliver tears into the Miss America pageant and it’s hilarious.

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Help! Need advice on website hosting!

Greetings, all!

My hosting subscription with Justhost recently ended, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with my website ( I already renewed the domain name, but the hosting is something like $10/month, which seems pretty high to me.

I tried going directly through Weebly (website builder), but it turns out they don’t have “name servers”, meaning I couldn’t use my domain with them unless I already had a hosting account (which I had with Justhost, which is now expired).

So … thoughts?

I know a lot of people use their WordPress site as their main website — does anyone have any pros/cons to report on this? It looks like WordPress has “name servers”, so I should be able to hook up my domain name to my blog — I just don’t know if it’s the best idea. So, for anyone who uses WordPress as both their blog and website, what are your opinions on this?

The other option would be to get a new hosting account with a site like GoDaddy or Hostgator — but I don’t know much about them, and I don’t know if I should keep my domain name at Justhost, transfer it over to the new hosting site, etc. Or heck, should I try contacting Justhost and trying to get a lower hosting price?

Obviously I have no idea what’s going on, so any and all comments are appreciated!!!


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One writer in search of a conclusion …

I am almost finished the first draft for the sequel to Imminent Danger — currently titled Chasing Nonconformity. It’s going really well. Eris and Varrin are up to their usual shenanigans, Miguri is fluffy and wise as ever, Grashk is doing a great job hissing at everyone, the settings are bizarre and fun, and the new characters I’ve introduced are all performing very well in their respective roles. There’s just one problem: I don’t know how to end the damn book.

I thought I had it all worked out, until I was informed that the ending I had planned was too depressing for my light-hearted series. Fair enough. So I re-worked the ending. And re-worked it again. And re-worked it again. And now I’m totally baffled.

I know I need an epic battle scene, possibly involving a chase of some sort, and lots of ridiculous one-liners thrown in at totally inappropriate moments. I have the big cliffhanger worked out, but beyond that … nada.

Watching Star Wars — Attack of the Clones last night helped. I think I’ve settled on the chase sequence, followed by a dramatic showdown at the __________ (Ha! Like I’m going to reveal that.) But I still haven’t quite worked out how they’re going to enter into said chase sequence, or how to tie up all the loose ends in the dramatic showdown. Sigh.

Any tips for conclusion-writing? I had everything worked out in Imminent Danger, but the ending for the sequel is maddeningly elusive. Any and all advice is welcome.

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!


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