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Assorted Swag from Andrew Toynbee and Danielle E Shipley

Before Christmas, I received assorted swag in the mail from Andrew Toynbee, author of A Construct of Angels, and from Danielle E Shipley, authoress of The Wilderhark Tales.

Then I went home for the holidays and totally forgot about said swag. But now I’m back! And I wanted to share my ill-gotten loot with you all, so we can all marvel at how shiny it is.

Thus, without further ado …


Signed copies of Andrew Toynbee’s fantasy series! Wooooooooo!


A sweet bonus keychain! Wooooooooooo!


Last but not least, a gorgeous bookmark from Danielle E Shipley. Wooooooooooo!


Thank you so much to Andrew and Danielle for the awesome swag!


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