Not Long Before The End

Misha Burnett claims I’m a hyper-intelligent extra-dimensional life form. WHO TOLD HIM???


This weekend I am engaging in what I devoutly wish to be the final round of edits on Gingerbread Wolves.   If all goes well I should be clicking on that big shiny red publish button by tomorrow afternoon.

I am working from the outstanding notes given to me by The Proulx, a hyperintelligent extra-dimensional life form with the power to appear to be a Canadian to mortal eyes.  I read her latest work, the (soon?) to be publishedChasing Nonconformity and wrote back that I thought it was pure distilled awesome sauce and she shouldn’t change a word, except maybe for the first chapter.

She read Gingerbread Wolves and sent me back voluminous notes and the whole thing edited, with a warning that under Galactic Law my use of commas is punishable by five years on the Penal Moon of Verminthrax VII.

Way to make me…

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One thought on “Not Long Before The End

  1. Having followed The Proulx for so long, all I can say is — I knew it! 😀

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