Book Marketing — Facebook “Boost Post”

Due to the fact that my IndieGoGo campaign for Imminent Danger is almost done (Dec 9th, baby!), I figured I’d go out on a limb and try to spread the word via the Facebook “boost post” feature. The post is over on my Facebook page if anyone wants to check it out and ooh and ahh over how shiny it is. Hypothetically you could also share the post via your own Facebook account, but that might be a bit extreme.

I set the post to “boost” itself $5 a day, for 2 days. It’s supposed to show up for Canadian women aged 13-30 who like books and e-books … which supposedly will reach between 2k-5k people. The actual people who read my book obviously aren’t all in that target demographic (not by a long shot!), but I’m hoping some impressionable teenagers — I mean, clever and discerning young readers — will see the post and be tempted to check out the campaign. In all likelihood this marketing scheme will fail miserably, but heck, what’s life without a little risk? I’ll let you know if anything actually comes of this marketing attempt.

In unrelated news, my roommate’s cats have taken to spooning on the chair beside my desk, and it’s ridiculously adorable.

That is all.


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23 thoughts on “Book Marketing — Facebook “Boost Post”

  1. Curious to hear how that boost works. Hilarious comic.

  2. Whaaat? No picture of the cats? Hope the boost works as advertised.

    • Ack! You’re right — I shall remedy my lack of cats in the next post (or at least in one of the next few posts, as I will inevitably forget when I write the next post).

  3. Another Oglaf fan! Sithrak will be… well, okay Sithrak will still torture you for all eternity. But at least you will have enjoyed Oglaf while you were alive.

  4. Shared it. Good luck!

    • Oh yay! Thanks 😀 So far 1917 people have been reached, and the post has been “engaged” 1 time. I have a feeling that means it’s doing badly, lol.

  5. K. L. Schwengel

    Have to say, love the comic!! Hysterical.

    Keep us posted on whether the FB boost does anything productive for you. I’ve often wondered if they work.

  6. Love the comic – took me a second to get it. Guess I’m old and slow.

    • Nah. Everyone has it happen to them where they’re in a group of people and someone says something and everyone starts laughing and you’re just standing there confused until five minutes later you snap your fingers and go “Oh! I get it now!” and everyone laughs at you.

      Or maybe that’s just me … lol

  7. Great comic, reminded me of Borges’ book, Labyrinths. It has an awesome spin on the old Minotaur tale.

    Perro, one of our cats*, is always to be found either on my lap or on the chair next to mine. The problem is that he also jumps to my chair as soon as I get up, then glares at me when I try to sit back down.

    Basta, the second cat, like to wrap himself around the foot of my chair. As a result, I can scarcely move it, for fear of the wheels tearing out his hair or something.

    Then, people ask me why I don’t stand up and stroll around the office every hour or so, as you supposedly have to. CATS! THAT’S WHY!!!

    * No, our dog’s name is not El Gato.

    • Lol. Let’s see … silly cat stories … so my other roommate’s cat likes to lurk outside my door in the dark of the night. As soon as I open the door to go to the bathroom, the black cat darts inside and runs under my bed, where I can’t get it because it’s a double bed shoved up against the wall. So then I have to crouch down beside the bed for 5-15 minutes trying to sweet talk the cat out from under my bed.

      My other cat likes to flop over on his side when you pet him. Except he also likes to walk on the back of the couch, so if you start to pet him while he’s on the back of the couch, he starts to flop over (i.e., off the couch), and you have to catch him or he falls.

      • ROFL – oh dear, cats are hilarious… One of ours hates to be touched on the belly; the other one is going through life upside-down to trick people into giving him a nice tummy rub.

        What happens if you leave the black cat under your bed and go back to sleep?

        • I don’t know — I’ve never tried. I’ve been kind of terrified of letting an animal in the same room as me as I sleep after reading several stories of cats eating their owners. Granted, the owners were dead, and the cats were starving, but I live in perpetual, irrational terror that my roommates’ cats will eat me if I let them stay.

  8. Can we have a picture of the cats spooning?

    I’m not your target audience for the boost post, so I haven’t seen it, but I did share Nicholas’s FB post. Spread the word a little. 🙂

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