Last Day of NaNo Update

As predicted, I have once again failed to complete NaNoWriMo. My grand word count as of now is 38,079. That’s pretty darn good in my opinion, although not quite enough to hit the 50k end goal. Le sigh.

A brief rundown of my NaNo experience this month:

  • Started into a re-write of a fantasy novel I wrote a few years ago
  • Got 15k words into fantasy re-write, realized I was writing the proverbial Star Wars Episode I of my series when I should be writing Episode IV
  • Abandoned fantasy re-write and started into Cerulean Bound (Imminent Danger #3)
  • Got horribly distracted by planning out my new fantasy novel
  • Wrote some more Cerulean Bound (spurred on by this song)
  • Got a random idea for a story about blademasters and time loops — wrote a 2k outline for this
  • Back to Cerulean Bound!

By the end of it, I managed to get up to chapter 6 of Cerulean Bound, so that’s something! The intro’s all wrapped up and our intrepid space adventurers are off on their next quest. I can’t say much about the purpose of their quest, or their end destination, except that the clue is in the title. I will happily entertain wild speculations in the comments section.

In related news, the baseboard heater just decided to turn on again, so I’m getting all toasty warm. It’s a very fickle contraption, and likes to torment me by turning on at random intervals.

To conclude, NaNo was a complete failure by me, although I did get some great ideas down, and will have some solid material to work with during the holidays.

I also just placed a massive order on Vistaprint (who are currently having a Black Friday sale), and I picked up some really awesome Imminent Danger swag, so if you want any of it, make sure to check out my IndieGoGo campaign!

Unrelated media of the day:

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16 thoughts on “Last Day of NaNo Update

  1. I think people are going to call Abrams that no matter what happens. 🙂

    • Ha. His initials really do lend themselves to such a comparison, don’t they?

      • So, what do Star Trek and Star Wars fans do about him? He’s commanding both franchises.

        • It seems a bit wrong, doesn’t it? I think it’ll probably depend on how the Star Wars films turn out. If they’re terrible, we’ll say “He’s that Star Trek guy who butchered Star Wars”, and if they’re great, we’ll say, “Oh yeah, he did some other movies, but he also did STAR WARS” I can’t say how Star Trek fans will react, as although I do love Star Trek, I’m a Star Wars fan through and through.

          • Maybe it’s the bridge people finally needed to bring these two fandoms into an age of peace. Then again, that soccer ball droid doesn’t bode well for the movie.

  2. “To conclude, NaNo was a complete failure by me” – come on now, that’s harsh! You did get a lot of work done. So what if you did not reach an arbitrary number of words? As the Chinese say, “it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, as long as it’s in the right direction” 🙂

    • True enough 🙂 I say failure mostly because my roommate was also doing NaNo and she’s well over 50k and rubs it in my face, lol. But in a nice way 😀

  3. Yeah, I failed at NaNoWriMo this time around too. In total, my co-writer and I cranked out about 42,000 words. But I blame part of it on realizing that my protagonist and another character were apparently madly in love with each other without us realizing it. This required massive restructuring that actually improved the plot of the novel, and the series as a whole, but set us back on word count due to new back-story formation and new plotting.

    Hey, at least more content is on the page! That has to count for something.

    • And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it — setting up a solid base from which you can then expand in the coming months. And I love your love story problem — can I ask how you figured out they were in love? Did it just hit you one day, or did someone else read it and be like, “Um … so when are they getting together?” and you were like “… oh. Right. They love each other.”

      • The characters were supposed to have this crazy-strong, platonic love. like brother and sister. That’s how it sneaked around me. While doing some brainstorming for a new scene, I ‘heard’ the male character in my head say “I love her.” And throughout the day, whenever I had a spare moment to think, that was all I got him saying “I still love her, and she loves me.” Which was really annoying, because I already knew they loved each other–until it hit me that this character meant romantic love (ah yes, the annoying voices in the head). Which was all rather inconvenient given that they were BOTH intended for other people, so that all had to be restructured. Plus, he was a more minor character, and now suddenly he’s become the most important character after the protagonist and antagonist, so I’ve had to flesh out his personality a lot. But in the end, the entire plot works much better.

  4. Hey, 38K words over 3 different works can’t be called a failure by any standard. Hurrah for you!

    • And I broke 40k right before midnight! Huzzah!

      Sadly about 15k of those words are worthless, as I’m abandoning that story, but the rest is pretty darn good if I do say so myself 😀

  5. Hey, congrats on what word count you got. And there’s always next year for ‘winning.’ Even writing that you won’t use counts–it’s all practice, honing your skills. 🙂

  6. You did really well! 38k is a pretty good achievement… while I on the other hand only got like 2000 words. xD

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