The Life of Gaia Seven-Day Event Starts Now!

Fellow author Celeste DeWolfe is using Jukepop Serials to release her first novel one chapter at a time. This week she’s holding a seven day event, releasing one chapter a day. If you like fantasy, or are interested in the whole “serial novel” process, check it out 🙂

The Official Site of Celeste DeWolfe

The day is here, my friends!

Welcome to day 1 of a FULL WEEK of The Life of Gaia!  That’s right!  If you didn’t catch my earlier posts, that’s okay, because this is the important one.  Starting today and going through Saturday, I’ll be posting one new chapter of LOG a day.  That’s SEVEN new chapters in a week, essentially DOUBLING the amount of chapters that are out now!

Start from the beginning here:

Or, if you’re all caught up, here’s the newest chapter 8!:

Completely new to the blog, the story, the concept?  Here’s the pertinent deets:

The Life of Gaia is a Young Adult Fantasy novel following almost-sixteen-year-old Gaia, an acolyte-in-training who is hungry for adventure.  She might end up getting more than she bargains for, however, when a mysterious fire brings her in contact with her destiny.  Her home, her friends, and an entire…

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