Book Review: Saving Saffron Sweeting (by Pauline Wiles)

The Booksavingsaffronsweeting

Saving Saffron Sweeting

The Genre

Contemporary Romance

The Author

Pauline Wiles. British by birth, Pauline moved to California eight years ago and, apart from a yearning for afternoon tea and historic homes, has never looked back. Her work has been published by House of Fifty, Open Exchange, and Alfie Dog Fiction. Saving Saffron Sweeting is her first novel.

The Plot

Grace Palmer’s British friends all think she’s living the American Dream. But her design business is floundering and when she discovers her husband is cheating with her best client, she panics and flees home to England.

The tranquil village of Saffron Sweeting appears to be a good place for Grace to lick her wounds, but the community is battling its own changes. Reluctantly, Grace finds herself helping her new neighbours as they struggle to adjust and save their businesses. However, not everyone has the same opinion on what’s good for the village. The charismatic new man in her life may have one speculative eye on Grace, but the other is firmly on profit. How will she navigate the tricky path between her home and her happiness?

The Review

This was a cute little romance with fun characters, a great and engaging setting, and an extraordinarily satisfying conclusion. I had a wonderful time following Grace through the trials and tribulations of pulling her life back together, navigating her various romantic entanglements, and saving her new home from the ravages of modern industry. Grace is witty, and feisty, and just a delightful protagonist in general. The cast of supporting characters were entertaining and well rounded, making for an engrossing read.

The titular Saffron Sweeting is where most of the book takes place, and the author describes it exquisitely. I could picture myself sitting outside the bakery sipping Earl Gray tea and munching on a sausage roll with Grace, or walking up the twisting, tree-lined path to her little cottage in the middle of nowhere. This is one of those books where the setting becomes a character all its own.

All in all, a quick, fun, romantic read. Fire up your kettle, select your tea bag, and cuddle up with this book today!

The Rating

5 out of 5 stars.


Click here to visit the author’s website and learn more about Saving Saffron Sweeting!


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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Saving Saffron Sweeting (by Pauline Wiles)

  1. Ooh, I could go for a sausage roll right about now…

  2. Thanks so much for reading the book and the very kind review. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Please count me in for any impromptu sausage roll gatherings!

  3. I had no idea killer whales were that flexible… also, it sounds like a charming read. 😉

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