Writing Etiquette in Public

Excellent writing-in-public advice from the lovely Celeste DeWolfe!

The Official Site of Celeste DeWolfe

I was up entirely too late last night, especially considering I had to be up early to get ready and go to my family reunion, but while I was conscious I figured I would write a post for my blog. 🙂  YOU’RE READING THAT POST RIGHT NOW!  Crazy, right??

In an effort to get something done (and because I was bored,) I went out to write the other day.  Just over to Panera Bread, where I bought a flatbread sandwich that was questionably worth what I paid for it.  Either way, it made me think of doing a little post about writer’s etiquette and things to think about when you leave the sanctity and procrastination-trap of your own house for the inspiration of the wide, wide world!

May they help you along your travels.

1. Consider public areas when possible.

Places like libraries are nice and quiet, they have lots…

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One thought on “Writing Etiquette in Public

  1. Great Reblog, Michelle. Good information to live by if you go out to write.

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