Guest Post: Looking for New Authors? (Chris Graham)

Moving day today! Getting my mom out of the apartment and off on her way to sunny, French-speaking Montreal! Huzzah! But before the moving shenanigans begin, let’s hear from Chris Graham, who has a blog dedicated to promoting awareness of up and coming indie authors!

Looking for New Authors?

Firstly, I’d like to thank Michelle for this opportunity to contribute to her great blog. I hope I can do even half as well with mine.

The Story Reading Ape’s Blog introduces the new (to me) authors whose books I’ve read and enjoyed, covering most genres from Historical Fiction & Poetry to Sci-Fi & Fantasy across all age ranges.

It has really taken off since 4th April 2013 (over 1000 hits and 100 followers on 29th April) with people looking for new authors and books to read and it’s rapidly gaining popularity, judging by the increasing number of followers and return visits.  Due to popular request I have introduced two new pages:

YOUR New Authors, where everyone can share information about THEIR newly found authors and favourite books,

NEWSFLASH, where authors are invited to promote their latest published book FREE for a maximum of 7 days.

As you will see from my ‘About‘ page, to me, an author is a story telling ape who has the overpowering urge to not only tell a story, but write it, publish it, and sweat buckets waiting for other people to say how much they enjoyed it.

For an author, there can be nothing worse than getting no reaction, no feedback, no recognition for the hours, days, weeks, months, or even years they’ve spent on their labour of love, their dream, their baby.  I hope that my blog goes, even a little way, towards giving these story telling apes, the recognition they seek and deserve.

I have already introduced over 20 new (to me) authors, complete with links to their websites, so you can get more details directly from them if you become their fan.

If you follow my blog, you can keep fully up to date by receiving new posts in your email Inbox as they happen.

Why not pay a visit to and decide for yourselves.

I’d be delighted if you leave a comment there, letting me know what you think.

Don’t forget to come back here to Michelle and let her know what you think of it as well.

The Story Reading Ape


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10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Looking for New Authors? (Chris Graham)


    The post looks great 🙂

    Bet that Balloon Animal Human can’t beat ME though! 😛

    • Not a problem 🙂 And are you sure about your victory over Balloon Animal Man? Actually, all you would really need is a pin, and you could just puncture him, couldn’t you? Oooooh I think I just got a new idea for an alien race …

  2. Charming! Chris’ Story Reading Ape blog is a great site. I’m a regular. And yes, I’m a new author; aren’t we all? It’s a tough road to get exposure and establish readership. I’m finding lots of worthy s/p authors out there. Love that balloon man.

    • I had no idea how many of us authors were out there until I found WordPress — it’s crazy, right?! And the fact that everyone’s so supportive and helpful … just fantastic.

  3. Chris and Michelle: you’re making indie authors and their readers very happy 🙂

    • Glad to be of some small assistance in getting their work out there and providing the 3 things Indie Authors need most (apart from readers and fans of course).

      Publicity, Publicity and Publicity!


  4. Michelle, for providing daily chortles, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Award 🙂

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