G is for Guest Post — Plotting vs. Pantsing with Michelle Proulx

G is for Guest Post — specifically, my guest post on Pete Denton’s blog!

Pete Denton

For today’s A-Z Challenge entry, Pete asked me to share with you all my thoughts on Plotting vs. Pantsing. And thus, I shall.

In the eternal battle between Plotting and Pantsing, I come down firmly … somewhere in the middle. I keep trying to ally with one side or the other, but they inevitably reject me due to my mutinous tendencies. I shall now elaborate on this concept. Prepare yourself.

Planning has never really been my thing. In fact, probably my least favourite sentence to hear from another person is, “So, what’s your plan for today?” Argh! I always have a vague idea of what I want to do, of course, but if I formalize my plans verbally or on paper, I feel trapped, like I’ve suddenly lost the freedom to be spontaneous. And the instant I feel that way, I immediately begin to come up with ways to avoid…

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6 thoughts on “G is for Guest Post — Plotting vs. Pantsing with Michelle Proulx

  1. My writing process for my first book was pretty much write as I go and let the characters take the story someplace, which worked quite well, since events that occurred in the book surprised even myself.

    With my new books, I’m actually trying something called the Snowflake method (not sure if you ever heard of it). Supposedly it will speed up writing your first draft infinitely. Which I definitely need to do, lol.

    Cheers! Love your blog, as always.

    • Snowflake method … fascinating! I think that would involve a bit too much planning for me, lol. Like you, I like to let the characters set the pace of the story — it’s so fun to see what you can come up with!

  2. Cooool! I just started this challenge. I should totally use it to shout out to other indies!

  3. I could have sworn I’d responded to your reblog. Anyhoo, thanks again for agreeing to guest post. I enjoyed reading your fence sitting take on which side to take in the planning/pantser wars. 🙂

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